Traveler Told TSA That Bag Of Moose Poop Was A Gift For Politicians

A man was recently stopped by TSA agents at Juneau International Airport in Alaska after they discovered that he had a bag filled with moose droppings. When the man's bag was inspected, it was flagged because it contained a large amount of organic material, which is a sign of potential explosives.

“The TSA officers opened the bag, they saw the moose poop inside,” TSA spokesperson Lisa Farbstein told KTOO Public Media. “And the passenger told the TSA officers that he collects this and likes to present it, ‘For politicians and their bleep policies.’"

There are no regulations against flying with animal feces and the TSA agents let the man and his bag of moose poop pass through the security checkpoint. The TSA shared an image of the moose droppings on Instagram and advised passengers to double check with their airline before arriving at the airport with animal feces because some airlines do not allow travelers to bring them onto the plane.

The TSA did not file an incident report or release the identity of the traveler.

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