Buck Sexton Monologue 10-4-19

President Trump: China should an investigation into the Biden's because what happened to China is just about as bad as what happened with Ukraine. So I would say that president Salinsky, if it were me, I would recommend that they start an investigation into the Biden's. Because nobody has any doubt that they weren't Crooked. That was a crooked deal. 100%

Buck: Welcome to the Bucks Sexton show everybody, president Trump doubling down, tripling down, deciding that he is going to call for the Chinese to maybe look into Hunter Biden's dealings there. This is, I think keeping the many people, not just in the media but also in the government off balance. They had assumed that the recent release of some text messages between Ukraine. US officials dealing with Ukraine policy where it seemed there was concerns about the appearance, at least have a quid pro quo. In Trump's discussions about corruption investigation and Ukraine. They've assumed all along that they're just going to back Trump into a corner and that then he will back down. That's their ultimate goal here. That's what they're trying to accomplish and they believe that they will get there. That much is for sure. They do have a belief that if they have enough people in the government and in the media who are on their side, who are trying to find a way to ruin the Trump presidency to prevent him from even being a real candidate in 2020 and he might limp into the 2020 election, but he'll be so damaged by the impeachment where the house is going to vote, that he should be impeached. They're going to present the articles of impeachment against him. That they're making sure this is over before it's even really before a single vote is cast. That's the plan here. Looks like it might be more difficult than they had anticipated because Trump understands something that more and more of us, I think will also get. This is now the gloves off. Total war, trench warfare, chemical weapons used, you name it. This is the nastiest political fight that you are going to see in your lifetime. It's going to be much worse than 2016 remember, in 2016 there was a widespread perception that Hillary Clinton was so certain to win the nomination that they didn't really want to rock the boat that much.

Sure the media hated Trump. They were against him. They also were using his rallies for ratings, including CNN. Many of them, I believe, not only benefited from the enormous crowds and viewership that Trump brought in 2016 they also figured the more the American people see this clown, the less they will be willing to vote for him. Turned out that wasn't true, but that was a different approach in 2016 those who say, well, if they were trying to derail the Trump presidency with Russia collusion, why didn't they bring it up in October of 2016. You mean when they released the Billy Bush tape from however many years ago that they had been holding onto? They already had one October surprise that they thought would finish him and they didn't want to risk looking like they were openly trying to throw the election for Hillary when everybody was so certain that Hillary was going to win.

I remember that New York times voting polling monitor or whatever it was up in the corner of the newspapers said there was a 90 some odd percent chance Hillary Clinton was going to win on election day. It was over 90%. Turned out they were a little bit wrong on that one. But this time around they are going to do everything they are. They have put out an open call. John Brennan, it was as though he were in the Spanish civil war and calling on a fifth column, which is where the term comes from, a fifth column to arise from within the intelligence community from within the federal bureaucracy in order to take down Trump. He said, anybody else who's a whistleblower out there, now's your time and in fact I saw Senator Ted Cruz, beard game strong Senator Cruz. I saw him on Twitter this morning calling for anybody who had whistleblower information of the Obama Biden administration perhaps to come forward.

Now this is the fight fire with fire approach. I think Senator Cruz understands what many of his colleagues do not and that is that that's the only way you're going to be able to make it through this. Anybody who thinks adhering to notions of good faith, fair play to the other side will be sufficient in this political environment is sorely mistaken and that's why when you look at what's happening right now, it's all predictable. They're so desperate to try and prevent Donald Trump from winning reelection that you have a number of simultaneous efforts to derail, to derail his presidency. The first one is a leak of a conversation. CNN broke this one quote. When president Trump suggested without prompting that China should investigate Joe Biden and his son. He thrust another political grudge into what was already the world's most complicated and consequential relationship. The move startled Chinese officials who said they have little interest in becoming embroiled in the U S political controversy and it amounted to the latest extraordinary effort by Trump to open openly request political assistance from foreign governments. Ah, you see, that's where the editorializing comes in.

President Trump is asking them to look into possible criminal activity on their soil. You can look around and say, well, hold on a second Buck. That's obviously going to effect a primary Democrat political rival and it's more I would note than just Joe Biden that's at stake here. In terms of the election, it's the corruption that the Democrats excused for all eight years of Obama. It's the corruption of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton foundation, which was so blatant and in your face. It's laughable now in retrospect that the journos had so little curiosity about it. And it's the broader scheme of people who once they ensconced themselves into the establishment in DC, in the swamp, make sure that their progeny, their relatives, their kids are able to become millionaires with no particular skills and no real hard work just by the fact that they are related to a person who was in power. That's it. That's all.

There's a long and sorted history of this in DC and it is bipartisan of course, but when it happens on the right, you'll read stories about it and they will call it corruption. When it happens to a Democrat, it's always, Oh, but that's just what the market will bear. That's just what the market will bear. You know, Hunter Biden getting 50 to $83,000 a month to be a board member on a Ukrainian natural gas company. I mean it's, it's preposterous. My friends, bill Clinton getting 500 I think the most he ever got was $800,000 for a speech, which is absurd. But even getting $500,000 from a Russian backed bank while his wife is secretary of state, that's disgusting. We know what that is, that's buying favor. It may not be buying a favor, but it is buying favor. It is buying a relationship and a perception and a belief of special treatment down the line, which is why the Democrats still very sensitive about all this with Joe Biden.

But so there's a number of things that work here with the China. There's only a, there's one thing that you have to look at here with the China conversation that I, I just, I expected it. It's not a surprise, but it's so blatant and that is, this is another highly secure conversation that was being kept in a classified holding. And now we see this has been leaked out. Quote, the white house record of that call was later store to the highly secured electronic system used to house and now infamous phone call with Ukraine's president, which helped spark a whistleblower complaint that's led Democrats to open an impeachment inquiry into Trump.

Asked earlier this week about Trump's call was Xi, the white house did not deny that he had raised by and quote world leaders need to be able to speak freely in their conversations with the president. That is a key component to effective diplomacy and that is why such conversations are kept confidential. Said the white house press secretary, we are not going to start discussing the contents of every conversation president Trump has with world leaders other than to say his conversations are always appropriate.

So the president really does want an investigation of what the Biden's were up to abroad. Now other countries can say no other countries can defer. They can deflect. There's a lot of stuff that could happen here. And if the president goes through the process of having his attorney general confer with the law enforcement officials in these foreign countries, it's legal. My friends, the problem that Democrats are gonna keep running into here is that he hasn't broken the law. They can say he has, they'll claim he has, but the campaign finance allegation is just a dog that won't hunt. On an ethical level, I can see some conservatives and some, some people on the right are troubled by this. It's bare knuckle. There's no question about it.

It's letting the Democrats know that their aggression will be met in kind. But I also have to say to you, the president understands that he has been put through investigations as weapons of politics for three years now him, his family, his closest aides, his supporters, his entire administration, bad faith investigation involving Democrats within the government infrastructure who abused their positions in order to try to take down a president. And now the same Democrat and Democrat media. That was fine with all of that and has had no sense whatsoever of being chastened after a massive credibility catastrophe. When the Mueller report finally came out and we saw there was just no there, there. Now they want to tell us that Trump's not allowed to ask for investigations. Only Trump gets investigated. You see, only Democrats are allowed to use the tools of investigation as a political weapon. We're supposed to just sit quietly and take it. Here's the thing about president Trump, he's not going to do that.

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