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President Trump: The Call was a perfect call. You had stenographers, you had people that took it down. Exactly. It was a perfect Call. It's just a scam. This is a scam by the Democrats to try and win an election that they're not going to win in 2020. All you you have to do is take a look at the poll, see what happened. One poll had me up 12 points, 16 points or 17 points. We just take a look at what's going on. The people understand it's a scam. They are trying to win an election in 2020 by using impeachment. But if you look at that call, it's a perfect call. It's congenial. There was no pressure. And what are the head of Ukraine say? What did he have? Did he say there was no pressure? Did his person say his top representative his foreign minister say there was no pressure whatsoever. There was no pressure put on him. This is a scam. This is one of the greatest scams. We look, we beat you on the, we won on the Mueller scam. That was a whole big deal. That lasted for two and a half years. We had a few days of peace and then all of a sudden they came up with this one. But I guess it's just part of my life.

Buck: Welcome to the Buck Sexton show everybody. Pressure. Huh? That's the big question. Did the president put pressure on Ukraine to investigate his political rivals? All these talking points, the building blocks of narrative meant to damage this president meant to turn his supporters against him and to fire up the left wing base. Let's all establish one thing before I get into the latest back and forth of the processes here of the impeachment inquiry. Oh yes. Because it's really just about finding facts. This isn't all an excuse for a catharsis of Trump derangement syndrome here. Just, just finally purging themselves of the bile that has built up over time because they hate Trump so much. Let's start with one very straightforward understanding of what's what's happening here. The decision to impeach this president as far as the left wing democratic party is concerned.

The decision did not come from a phone call with president Zelensky of Ukraine. The decision was not the result of the 10 possible acts of obstruction, which were laughable in the Mueller probe. Did not come from Russia collusion. That did not exist. The decision to impeach this president was made by many Democrats. Whether they recognized it as such or not. The day after the 2016 election, they just can't handle this. They cannot accept that Hillary Clinton's coronation was truly defeated by a populist political movement on the right, despite all the assistance from the Democrat media, despite all of the establishment inside the federal bureaucracy, outside of it all across the country in the elite corridors of opinion making and academia. And despite all of that, Trump won and they just will not accept it. They won't move past it. They're unwilling to look at the 2020 election as a chance to set things right.

They view the 2016 election as still illegitimate and this president as illegitimate and the only way that they feel, because it really is about feelings. It's not about what the facts of the case may be. It's not about what the information is as presented. They have a feeling that Trump should be repudiated through this impeachment process, which is just entirely political. This is all about the house of representatives holding a formal vote that shows that a majority of Democrats believe that president Trump is unfit to be president. Okay, well, we've known that all along. There's nothing new here and to run these investigations of Trump, the way that they're doing is so clearly that they talk about obstruction. The Democrats raise the issue of obstruction constantly, which to them just means if you don't do exactly what we say, if the Trump administration puts up any kind of resistance, dare I say, against their demands, then that is in itself obstruction.

I take a different view of this. I disagree with the Democrats, that if we don't just lie down and do whatever they want us to do in this investigation, that we are breaking the law and threatening our democracy and all this other stuff that they talk about. They decided to impeach Trump the day after he won the election and now we're finally at this point. They hope that maybe there could be a criminal charge that they could place this on top of. They were hoping that the Mueller probe would at least come close to something that was truly criminal and and wrong and that that would be the basis for impeachment and it didn't exist. But instead of looking at that as perhaps a sign or a signal. They decided that the better option would be to just come up with an entirely new basis for impeaching the president. They didn't change overall what they wanted. They just decided that it was going to be a different pathway. And that's where we are now. Which is why you see all the different anti Trump news outlets. They are doing everything that they can to take the Democrat house, not just the talking points, but the framework that they have constructed for this to give it a veneer, to give it a facade of legitimacy when this entire process is ridiculous.

If the president is guilty of political wrongdoing, meaning if he did something that's really bad and people should be upset at him, not that's illegal. Not that are high crimes and misdemeanors. Then we have a very clear process to deal with that it is called an election and yet the same Democrats who constantly talk about the need to respect our most sacred institutions, they now say, well, we can't wait for that election. We have to do this, this mostly symbolic purge of all the built up anti-Trump venom that they have all at once. Just just let it all out there and now they're trying to find a way to make it seem as though that's not what's going on. Oh no, they, they're just looking for the facts here. Front page of the New York times administration stops witness from speaking to impeachment inquiry.

So what the Democrats are planning to do is to take any person who's ever talked to Trump about Ukraine and put them on the stand and try to get them to say something bad about Trump under the pretense that this is some necessary investigation. The fundamental problem with the Muller probe was that there was never a crime established that involved anything having to do with Trump or in this country, right. That the crimes that they found in some cases more or less manufactured the charging Papadopoulos, the charging of Flynn, those were processed crimes that came out during the investigation. They did not exist before that meat grinder of investigation was turned on as a harassment tool against the president, but there was initial crime that that required the appointment of a special council, Russian interference in our election, external interference in our election that could be investigated by the DOJ.

They can handle that. There is no reason for a special counsel. The only reason for a special council was that president Trump, according to the left, must have worked with the Russians on this. Now that was a lie, but that's the premise they had to be operating under to get us to the Russia collusion investigation as it existed. And then, on top of that, the firing of James Comey for saying that he had corrupt intent in that. They are never going to prove that. And even if they thought they could prove it, the president has an absolute right to fire Comey for any reason he wants. There's nothing illegal about it. He could fire Comey cause he didn't like his neck tie.

They went with all these false pretenses for that investigation and we were going through after two and a half years and now we're supposed to just willingly submit the American people should sit back and say, yeah, let's just let the Democrats have their way here in this impeachment inquiry. I don't think so. Not on my watch and not on my time. It's all just the nastiest kind of politics of personal destruction, of lying, of misleading the American people, all in an effort to destroy a president. That if what they said was true about him as a president, why would they be so worried about the 2020 election? You see they're worried about 2020 because they think that they might lose. I know all the polls say right now that people are ahead of Trump. And the polls always said that everybody was ahead of Trump before Democrats right now are having flashbacks.

They're getting terrified. They wonder if Trump is hiding in their closet or waiting under their bed at night. You know, they, they can't handle the prospect of four more years of this president. And so this impeachment inquiry, yes, it's very contrived and they'd been working together on it, but it's a desperation move, a desperation move. Because if Trump hasn't already entirely psychologically broken the left and the political establishment and the media elite four more years of him, they really just can't take it. They won't be able to handle it. And so it's in that environment that we now talk about witnesses and what was said and who said what and where's the whistle blower and the second whistle blower. this is all a distraction from the overall purpose of what's going on here, which is just find some way to damage the president politically so that he won't win the 2020 election.

Everything else is noise. There's no laws that had been broken. And really it's, it's, if you want to talk about an abuse of power, what Congress is doing, an abusive power. What the Congress did this time around and what the deep state, the federal bureaucrats that managed to get the special counsel, they abused their power and in some cases broke the law. They accused Trump and all the rest of us of crimes for which they themselves are guilty of abuses that they themselves have committed. I believe psychologists call this projection. There's a whole lot of projection going on with the democratic party these days.

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