READ: The Left is waging war on the first amendment. Buck tell's you how

President Trump is under siege and has been for the entirety of his presidency. There was never a honeymoon period. There was not a moment of introspection from the institutional left. The political establishment, the democratic party, they all right away decided that this was not just an aberrant moment, that this was an outlier, a black Swan situation, that Trump had been able to defeat Hillary Clinton with all of the backing that she had from the media, the establishment, all those forces I just brought up, including some never Trump Republicans and former Republicans now who make me question whether they ever really believed any of the things that they had espoused over the course of their adult lives.

But there was not a moment of, let's see how the president does and judge him based on that. It has been from the start, Trump is illegitimate. The left will not accept him. They will not move past this. They have dug in. They are the resistance as they call themselves and that means that the president has his hands full. Not only is he trying to govern, not only is he trying to be the commander in chief in the United States armed forces and the single most powerful figure in the executive branch of our already far too large and far too expensive. Federal government. He has to deal with forces arrayed against him that simply put previous presidents who are Democrats don't have to deal with at all and even who are Republicans haven't seen in such a ferocious way. This is a whole other level folks.

I mean people are willing to violate their oaths of office, willing to break the law, criminal leaks, commit felonies, whatever they have to do to try and stop Trump and you'd think that in that environment, it's going to be very hard for the president to make his case for reelection right there. They're doing everything they can so that he won't be judged based on what he has done as president. The plan that the left has with Pelosi leading this impeachment inquiry, not even, not even a true impeachment process yet, just kind of sticking their foot in the pool without being willing to jump in all the way. But as that marches along, you might think, hold on a moment, this is going to spell trouble for president Trump. How could he possibly overcome this? You have the weaponization of the bureaucracy against him.

You have the entirety of the establishment media trying to destroy him. Actively working toward the destruction of his presidency. Ah, but what comes into play all of a sudden? What is the X factor here that the left can't really take into account because I suppose there's not much that they'll be able to do about it. How is it that I'm so confident still the president Trump is likely to win? Oh that's right. The left is crazy. Absolutely bonkers. They believe things that no sane person could believe. They say things that no rational person could say. And this has now become orthodoxy on the left. If you deviate from this, even as a Democrat, you do so at your peril. So just when it feels like with all this Ukraine Gate and impeachment inquiry and subpoenaing Trump's tax returns, all these things that are against the president, how could he overcome this?

Even Trump is not invincible, right? Ah, like a cavalry coming over the Hill, the left wing Democrats show up and courtesy of a platform given to them on CNN show everybody just how absolutely nuts the leftist has gone. Issues of religious freedom, on issues of rule of law, on transgender rights, as they call it. There's just so much here that any normal person would listen to and say, hold on a minute. What has gone wrong? How could this be one of the two major political parties in the most powerful wealthy country in the history of the planet? There were some real moments last night, at the CNN town hall. Uh, there was a lot of dishonesty, a lot of dis ingenuousness. Beto O'Rourke has become the Democrat candidate who says what the left believes deep down, but is unwilling to say aloud.

And increasingly, I think that even though it won't mean that Bero becomes a viable presidential candidate in order to not get left out of the wokeness, more candidates on the left are now saying the things that many of us on the right believe that they want to do, but they're unwilling to say it because it would frighten most Americans. It would shock a lot of people. The single most troubling moment last night. Well, actually, I'm not even sure we could pick just one necessarily. There were, there were so many, but there were nine presidential candidates there.

Clip: Do you think religious institutions, like colleges, churches, charities, should they lose their tax exempt status if they oppose same sex marriage? Yes.

Beto doesn't believe in the first amendment at all, doesn't believe in freedom of expression. Doesn't believe in, freedom of religion. And many of us were saying this right after the Obergefell decision, the Supreme court that just wait the left. They don't just want marriage equality. They're going to want people to, in the religious establishment across the board, they're going to want them to bend the knee. What will be fascinating, and it would be fascinating now, even if we had a real media that asked questions, not acted as propagandists for the left, would Beto say that about a mosque. Is Beto going to tell mosques across the country that they do not have the right to support traditional marriage and oppose same sex marriage. Oh no. Only Christian churches. I think Beto willing to say that too. Why is that? Why would he be allowed to get away with the bigotry? We all know why that is because they view this as political warfare and they view churches that still support traditional marriage as a major bull work against the lefts full on authoritarian statism. Whether you support same sex marriage or not is irrelevant to the fact that Beto O'Rourke in this case is saying churches are going to do what the state tells them to do. They're going to support what the state tells them to support this. Even a few years ago, people like me were saying would happen and the left claimed that that was fear-mongering. Now you have a presidential candidate and for the democratic party in front of the whole country who is saying exactly what we were saying. It was just a matter of time and that's really what was on display last night at the CNN town hall. That's what' has been on display for the entirety of this Democrat. The democratic party's lost its mind. Things that are common sense things that we all understand to be true. They all of a sudden reject. They have different priorities. They have a different lens through which they see all these things. Then there's also just their inability at CNN to even understand what the new rules are, because the rules are changing so quickly. They try to be woke, but sometimes they end up just looking clownish.

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