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Welcome to the Buck Sexton show everybody Happy Columbus day to all of you. I would say that Columbus day is not one that we should just give up to the other side. We shouldn't accept what the liberals are saying. The leftists are saying now, I believe there's a movement afoot to call it indigenous people's day. I would prefer that we just celebrate the holiday as it was initially intended, which is the discovery of America by the European world. And as we know, there's a lot of history that's very messy, that's violent and bad and oppressive. And that's true of all human beings all over the world for all of history. So that's nothing particularly new or distinct about Columbus Day. I wonder if there'll be any protests here at Columbus circle who would have thought years ago that that would be a place, a lightning rod for the social justice warriors, the tearing down of history as we have known it and the replacement of it with narratives all focused on oppression. And as I've explained to you in different shows at different times, what you won't hear are the, the leftist to want to argue for the replacement of Columbus day with indigenous peoples day. You won't hear a discussion about, well, okay, can we discuss the oppression of native peoples in what we call the new world by other native peoples that the Aztec empire, for example, which Cortez through all kinds of scheming and machinations was able to overturn with a few hundred men. The Aztec empire was built on slavery and oppression and mass murder, human sacrifice. That's all fine. I guess. Cause you know, those were the traditions of the time. You won't hear much discussion of that. All those things are true. By the way, you also won't hear much about the Comanche for example, what is now the Midwestern United States in the great Plains area and their willingness to sometimes exterminate neighboring tribes and take all their stuff and all their land. You won't hear much about that. You know this is where if we're going to do the history, let's really do the history. If we're going to have a discussion about what used to happen in the world, then let's really have it and not just pick and choose things that are favorable to a leftist narrative of European colonialism and depression and never talking about the good stuff either. This is the like when people complain about America and I always want to say, well, maybe also thank us for computers and most of the major technological advancements of the last 75 years or so and also the greatest period of human prosperity. And relative peace in not just the modern world. If you were going to argue simply for material prosperity, more people lifted out of poverty in the last 50 years than in all of human history before that because of the system that America is the leading force for capitalism baby.

How do we go from Columbus to capitalism? That's just the magic of the Buck Sexton show. That's what we do here. But now shall we turn to the news of the day, my friends. The best single thing that I read all weekend, I spend a lot of time over the weekend reading as I tend to do as I'm sure many of you do. Um, but the best thing that I read all weekend was from Matt Taibbi. Now, Mr Taibbi is a man of the left . I wouldn't say that. I could speak to exactly how he would self-describe or what would be the proper designation for him on the left, a man of the left, but does engage in what you could call traditional journalism, meaning he finds out stuff and presents information that is new to people. And I always have a respect for that. And I don't mean leaks from powerful people in one political party, in government, for example. And then the pretense that that is the real journalism and all these people who are, you know, CNN, White House correspondents, they're doing such hard work. No, they're just taking gossip that's handed to them by officials and then printing news stories based on it. They're not digging and finding. And I mean, in general, it's fun to speak in generalities because at least then you can always get out of it when someone challenges you. The truth is the Taibbi sometimes does very, very good work. He's best known. I think, or at least for me, perhaps he's best known for being the guy who popularized the term "face sucking vampire squid" in reference to the Goldman Sachs investment bank. And what happened after the the great recession, the financial downturn of 2008, 2009, and how Goldman Sachs was bailed out 100 cents on the dollar. All of it's counterparty risk taken up by the government. 100 cents on the dollar. No haircut for Goldman. Huh? A bunch of other firms went down the tube, but Goldman Sachs didn't lose anything. In fact, made a ton of money, had some of its best years after the collapse. It's good to be very tied in with the federal government,a very bad financial lesson for this country, unfortunately.

Taibbi wrote a piece in Rolling Stone called we're in a permanent coup. Americans might soon wish they had just waited their way out of the Trump era. He goes into some of the time that he had spent, particularly in the Soviet union as a journalist, as a reporter there. And how there were just different moments. When one group of, military generals, advisers would say, all right, we're just going to seize power in Moscow. And then it was a famously one point a, a race between Gorbachev. And then later there was an effort against Yeltsin. They placed Mikhail Gorbachev under arrest and attempted to seize Moscow in 1991. Boris Yeltsin's crew quote, drove to the Russian white house in ordinary cars, beating KGB coup plotters, who were trying to reach the seat of Russian government back in 1991 in armored vehicles. A key moment came when one of Yeltsin's men, prevailed upon a major in a tank unit to defy KGB orders and turn on the criminals. We have long been spared this madness in America. Our head counting ceremony was election day. We did it every four years. In The Trump era, that's all over. This is the necessary backstory for everything that you're seeing now about the Ukraine phone call and Russia collusion and Trump paying off Stormy Daniels and all of this. This is the forever coup. This is the effort by the establishment in politics and media and yes, within the federal bureaucracy itself, which is now the de facto fourth branch of our government. This is their effort to undo the 2016 election, but also and in many ways, more importantly to prevent this from ever happening again. This was not supposed to happen. They did not think it would happen. Remember back in 2016 the belief of the New York Times and many others going into election day was over 90% certainty that Hillary Clinton would be president of the United States. There were certain she was going to win and then when she didn't, they had a mental breakdown, a massive mental breakdown and ever since then they've been trying to find some way to engineer some way to end the Trump presidency, prevent a second term and also prevent another interloper. Not an interloper because he cheated in the election. Although they've tried that routine because he's not supposed to be the president. They're not okay with this and what's even more frightening to the deep state and the political establishment, which does include no small share of Republicans, by the way. What's even more frightening to them is that president Trump has done, despite what you're hearing right now, a good job. The economy is very strong. We have not been hit with a mass casualty international terrorist attack. We are not escalating a war. We're not taking dozens or hundreds of US casualties a month. We're not starting a war. We're not bowing to foreign leaders all over the world. We are pursuing the interests of the American people and doing so unapologetically and the results are in and the results do not leave enough leeway for the deep state and the left to argue that they would do, or at least to convince, I should say, they'll certainly argue to convince people that they would do a better job. Really, you believe that Bernie Sanders would do a better job as President of the United States who, who can really think that and be serious afterwards?

But they scored on themselves. They didn't mean to by bringing up the whole Ukraine situation cause what Hunter Biden did is wrong, is gross. Maybe it's not illegal, but it's clearly influence peddling and influence selling. And anybody who says otherwise is a liar or isn't paying attention, but the forever coup is upon us. They will not relent. They will not accept this circumstance. And even if Trump wins a second term, by the way, they will continue to try and oust him from office. They believe some of these talking points, you hear that he is a clear and present danger to our democracy, a Republic, but they like to call it a democracy. They believe that anything that they have to do, anything that would work against this president is well within their justification. They'll just find a way to say, sure, if it hurts Trump, if it helps us, we'll do it. Why aren't they? Why aren't the leftist, the Democrats having an armored column on the way to the White House? Cause It wouldn't work. You have to start asking yourself the question though. If they thought it would work, would they do it? How far are we from being in a country where when you have the former heads of the intelligence community under the previous administration saying, the current president is a traitor as they have done many times. The current government is run by a pawn of the Russians who has sold us out. How far are we from some members of the deep state, at least considering what we saw in the Soviet union in the 1990s and I've seen in so many other countries an actual forcible seizure of power. Now you may say Buck, that's insane. That's crazy. That would never happen to that. I would point out that Congresswoman Rashida Talib, who is a radical, has openly discussed Congress considering arresting people who do not show up to be a part of Congress's impeachment inquiry. Charade. That's right. Seizing people, taking away their freedom, arresting them because they will not do this maniacal left wing Democrat majority in Congress's bidding. Once you start arresting some people because they do what the white house says and not what the Congress says, where does that stop and start? What are the outer boundaries of that? How far can that go and how far are we from a country where people, not just in secret plot to overturn a presidency, but decide the moment is upon us. We're going to seize power. How far away is that really from the thoughts of some of these leftists? I think it's fair to ask. I think it's fair to wonder. It's definitely getting closer.

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