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Welcome to the Buck Sexton Show everybody. Jim Jordan laying it out there. If I were president Trump, man, I would be frustrated too. There has to be some understanding. People have to understand at some level that what we are seeing is hypocrisy and action all the time here. Double standards galore for one. Any investigation the Democrats want to do any usage of the law. In fact, even changing the laws we have seen in the state of California and the state of New York, anything that they can do that harasses attacks or undermines Trump, no matter what that means for the process, for rule of law, for fairness, for basic decency that is somehow acceptable. You will notice that the media has not yet at any point decided that perhaps this is too partisan. Perhaps it's too much. Yes, we had a special counsel and yes, we've run endless stories about a fairy tale, a fable that the president worked with Russia to steal the election from Hillary Clinton. Was there any, any introspection after that? Any sense of of I'm sorry from the journos who pushed that for it? No, of course not. They just moved on to now. Oh, Ukraine gate, the Ukraine situation. The same playbook as we saw with Russia, some coordination with government officials behind the scenes who hate Donald Trump, many of whom worked for the federal government. Do not forget that over 90% of donations from federal government employees in the last election cycle went for Hillary Clinton effectively telling you that at least for those are politically involved in the federal government, their politics align with what you would expect from the faculty lounge of Wesleyan university. That's what the federal government is full of right now. There's not a lot of, put the military aside, I'm talking about federal civil servants, bureaucrats, they love the democratic party and they even are okay with some establishment Republican types of the Mitt Romney school. We know that there are many people in the democratic establishment who will do anything to take down Trump. We know there are people in the Republican establishment who are willing to make common cause with those Democrats to take down Trump. We have to remember that as we see now this, this continued farce of an impeachment inquiry where they still haven't even identified what the crime is. This whole focus, this fascination, fixation really on a quid pro quo that we've already established. That doesn't mean necessarily a quid pro quo is not a problem in foreign policy. In fact, it's the way that foreign policy gets done. Oh, but now they're going to tell us if there's a personal political benefit for the president, even if the quid pro quo would be otherwise acceptable, then it's not acceptable because the Democrat interpretation is the president's not allowed to do things that would benefit his reelection, that use foreign policy.

That's not a standard that could be applied. That's not a standard that they could keep for future presidents. Ah, but it's a Trump specific standard. Just like, as I mentioned in California that tried to change what the requirement for candidates to get on the ballot, you must release your tax returns. Oh yeah. A Trump's specific law. They won't even give the due process protections through the impeachment process, which is a political maneuver. It is not a criminal legal procedure, which is why Democrats are getting away to this point with so much abuse of the whole process. They won't even give Trump the same degree of fairness. Protection isn't even really the right word. The fairness that they had back in the Nixon or Clinton impeachment because there are Trump's specific rules. They will destroy all the old rules and we're gonna make up new ones so that they can get after this president.

And that then brings me into the testimony yesterday of William Taylor, top diplomat in Ukraine. This was yet another day when I saw as soon as the leaks about his testimony came out and there was even a leak of his opening statement. Oh, you, you mean that this person who's only allowed to testify behind closed doors and was able to go on, I think for 10 hours, I saw yesterday that was just marathon testimony behind closed doors, his opening statement crafted to create the perception of maximum damage to President Trump. I read the whole opening statement, but that got, that got released, that got leaked out to the press. We knew that would happen. What about the question and answer? What about the only opportunity that Republicans could have to point out that there are some real problems in the opening statement? I mean, for example, this guy Taylor was in many ways out of the loop on key Ukraine policy discussions. He was angry, a little bit bitter, and bureaucrats, especially diplomats get very territorial over what they consider to be their portfolio, their area of bureaucratic operations. And he was angry at Trump on policy level. So we know he doesn't like Trump. He feels like he wasn't given his due in this job. And people were saying, wow, he's been a diplomat. He's been a United States ambassador for so many years, so many decades. The state department is full of people who have far too high a sense of self regard and really believe that presidents come and go. But the state department is forever. There's a particular arrogance at the state department that really exceeds anything I've seen elsewhere in the federal bureaucracy. The state department really thinks it's awesome and fancy. And as people they're really are doing important stuff. Most of them are completely extraneous and unnecessary. A majority of them, I would say you could get rid of more than half the state department. It wouldn't matter. One bit. Don't even get me started on how much of the intelligence community you can get rid of. But that's a conversation for another day. So we had William Taylor doing this testimony and because he believed that there was an elicit attempt to force the opening of an investigation in Ukraine by withholding the aid that was then translated by the journalists. Who got the exact leaks that Adam Schiff wanted them to. That was then translated to. Oh my gosh, Trump must be finished now. We see all these new polls, majority of the American people support impeachment and removal. They tell us there are some Republicans who will be turncoats against Trump because of this. Even Lindsey Graham said that if something came out that was damning enough, he would consider voting to remove the president as a United States Senator. But then when you look more closely at this, you find that, wait a second, William Taylor is just sharing his opinion and opinion that for example, ambassador Sondland disagrees with and there is textual evidence that shows that Sondland says, look, there's no quid pro quo here in Trump wants to be very clear about that. Now there's a back and forth over what the quid pro quo would be for. But when you look at what really happened here, there's another problem that Democrats can't seem to get around, won't be able to get around. The aid wasn't withheld! Nor was there an investigation open because of the withholding of aid, because the Ukrainians didn't even know that there was a consideration of withholding aid. So where's the crime? Where's the political crime? Ukraine got its money. Oh, and by the way, president Trump is the one who approved giving javelin anti-tank missiles to the Ukrainian resistance as well as long range sniper rifles, which the Obama administration explicitly refused to do as Obama's NSC director for Ukraine told me personally when we were debating this issue not long ago, because Obama didn't want to seem too aggressive against Putin.

Oh, but Trump is Putin's puppet. Trump is the commander in chief who comes in and says, let's give lethal aid that the Europeans won't do that Obama wouldn't do. Let's give that lethal aid to the Ukrainians to fight back against this Russian invasion of the Donbass region and the East. Oh, but he's Putin's puppet. He's doing Russia's bidding. Trump is the commander in chief. While on his watch, 200 Russian paramilitaries are blown up in the Syrian desert for going after our Kurdish allies, but I suppose that was also on Putin's orders. This is fantasy stuff. This is ridiculous, but if you have been propagandized to enough with all these anti-Trump hysterics around the Russia collusion issue, you'll believe anything that the press says at this point with each passing day. Now we have another Oh, another revelation. Laura Cooper for example, is a senior defense department official who dealt with Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia. She is being deposed today by lawmakers who wants to bet that there'll be a couple of bombshell revelations for Laura Cooper. "Oh Trump cannot recover from this. Trump is finished, I tell you." But he won't be the history. The hysteria from Democrats around Ukraine gate is all manufactured. It's obvious to anyone who has been paying attention to what really is happening here. Democrats can handle the prospect of four more years of Trump and they must know that if there's going to be an election with the fuel that they have put forward against this president, and when enough Americans can hear from this president about what's really been for them, what the government has been up to the last few years, it's not looking good for team left wing that much is for sure. Yeah, there'll be leaks today. We'll hear more about this. We'll hear more opinions from career bureaucrats who I guarantee you, if you could look it up, you'd find out they voted for Hillary Clinton over Trump. Every single one of them. You will not have a single Trump supporter from the state department who comes forward and says, yeah, I think that Trump violated his oath of office in the constitution in order to change Ukraine policy and we're told that's a coincidence that that's just happenstance. This is partisan warfare playing out through a shoddy process, stacked against the president, lacking in transparency, lacking in honesty, run by Adam Schiff no less. For the power, mad establishment political class. That's what we're dealing with.

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