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Oh my. Some very exciting headlines last night. Kind of thing That gets me all excited to come in and do the show. And you know that a lot of the deep state libs out there are quite unhappy about this one. This was the headline in the New York times. The Justice Department is said to open a criminal inquiry into it's own Russia investigation. Isn't that quite a way of putting it. This piece, by the way, is a master class. I mean this is an incredibly perfect example of why people don't trust the media of why there's an understanding that the media does have biases, pushes narratives, pushes political beliefs that they are activists posing as journalists. The sub headline here is the move is likely to open the attorney general to accusations that he is trying to deliver a political victory for President Trump. Oh, other people I guess might make that allegation. The New York Times isn't making that allegation. Of course. No, no, no. It's the other people out there that will try to undermine this investigation in its entirety that say that this is absolutely not on the up and up, that this is a political hit job in the other direction after we've had three years of political hit jobs against Trump, they're going to do everything they can to undermine this. I have to say, it will be remarkable watching the biggest news outlets in the country and people who are public analysts, intellectuals, talking heads, whatever they may be. Go on like a minute's notice here from being all about how our sacred institutions and the most important components of our democracy, the DOJ, the rule of law. How dare you question the special counsel. How dare you question James Comey or Robert Muller. These are decent public servants doing God's work for America. They will go from that to Bill Barr is a hatchet man for Trump. That this investigation by Durham, a well-respected and remember this, cause you're not going to hear it a lot from a lot of people. The U S attorney for the state of Connecticut, he investigated the destruction of CIA interrogation tapes. He was appointed by Attorney General Eric Holder to do that. A lawyers lawyer, a trusted guy, a no nonsense guy. Just look at his goatee and you know this guy means business.

Do you think that you'll hear that description from most of the mainstream media outlets? No. What you'll hear is that there's whispers, there's perception out there. They're not trying to create the perception. They're just reporting on the perception of the New York times. That there's a perception out there that maybe this whole investigation of the conspiracy to nullify the 2016 election under the basic headline of Russia, Trump collusion, that by looking into that at all, Trump and all of his minions are undermining the rule of law. That's what you'll hear, that this time around the process receives no deference. In fact, the process has been destroyed. The process is being weaponized. Oh, why is that? What evidence do they have for that? You're going to watch the most hated people in America right now are going to become, in terms of the media, will become attorney general Barr and US attorney Durham. The reason for that is they have to have a scorched earth campaign against those men. And with it, the department of justice process itself of a criminal investigation that will look at and now have subpoena power to get records from different individuals who might be implicated in a plot to destroy the president of the United States. A plot that would've involved high level Obama administration appointees, a plot that may in fact have gone all the way up to the Obama White House itself. Up to an including perhaps knowledge of and the complicity of president Barack Obama himself. Those are the things that we want to find out. That's what we want to know. They can call it a conspiracy theory as much as they want. I just call it the theory of the case. And that was more than for them, wasn't it? When they opened up a full field FBI investigation on, on the, uh, reasonably nice guy, but, but not even vaguely high level or well connected in foreign policy circles. George Papadopoulos. He heard something from a guy at a bar. He passed along that rumor to some other guy. And then there was an entire theory created about Trump working with the Russians and an act of sedition to undo the 2016 election. Stunning, isn't it? Molly Hemingway, who has been doing great work on this, had a piece that's out today at the Federalist. Just looking at the fight that's coming now. What's going to happen now have been hoping all along. The left has been planning to subvert this whole process and now that it looks like we might get some real answers about what happened here, who talked to whom they're just going to go absolutely scorched earth. Apoplectic the lies, the viciousness, the denial of obvious reality. Whatever the left has to do. And remember this is not just about being right. It's not just about the need that Democrats and the left and I guess we don't say progressive very much anymore in this country what happened, maybe because it's gotten so far left that we just can't even use the progressive word. But all along this time they've been willing to do things that were underhanded. They've been willing to bankrupt people in Trump's inner circle. They've been willing to use the law as a tool of partisan politics. We need to be prepared for them to go all in against this investigation now because yes, they have an emotional need. They like to think they're right. They like to believe that Trump is the monster they've created in their minds, but there are also careers and power and money in the balance.

I would like to think that at some point, for example, CNNs audience will realize that they've really been lied to by their own team, that CNN has become a laughingstock. It's a joke of an organization now that Jeff Zucker on the show called serious journo anchors there are partisan attack dogs for the Democrat left, that that's what they've done. That's what they've become. That the New York Times here in its headline and subheading lets it be known exactly what it thinks of this criminal investigation into the plot to destroy Trump and to undo the 2016 election. Anyway. Here's what Molly writes about what we are facing. Quote, an attempt to tear down the foundations of our Republic by corrupt un-elected bureaucrats who have decided the will of voters is subordinate to their will to power. It represents a fatal threat to our system of government and if this coup succeeds, whether through impeachment proceedings or through an election, that if the last three years or any indication the other side is clearly willing to steal by hook or by crook, the nation will cease to be a constitutional democratic Republic. This isn't about Trump or Republicans or conservatives. It's about Washington needing to learn the differences or reading to learn. Rather that political differences have to be settled at the ballot box less. Instead, they'd be settled with an undermining of our constitutional norms and institutions. It is going to get very ugly, my friends, because there are a lot of powerful people in this process who do not want the truth to come out. Criminal inquiry in the Russia investigation origins. There's been no effort at all by Mueller, for example, really Weissman cause Weissman was running the Muller probe to find out how did this whole thing gets started. We always begin as though we're 15 minutes into the movie. Well this guy said this thing to somebody at a bar and everybody knew that there was this Russia Trump collusion theory out there. And so it seemed plausible really. Where did that theory come from? Who came up with that? Who wrote reports suggesting that who use the power of the government to create some smokescreen for activities related to that? I just want to know, wouldn't we all want to know? Any questioning of the special counsel was doing Putin's bidding. Any questioning of the investigation that ruined people that sent people to prison, that gave felony convictions for process crimes, process crimes that never would have been committed, had not Weissman and his team of Democrat hatchet men had near unlimited power and resources to just create this retribution campaign against Trump under the guise of the special counsel. And now we are supposed to just act like none of that happened. And believe the live media believe the allies of the Democrat party and the socialist left in America, which is what we should probably start calling it. You know, if they change words all the time, why can't we start to use words that are more accurate. The democratic party is now a socialist party.

But if they're allowed to do all this looking into things just to get the facts and they schemed and maneuvered to do it in the department of justice that technically works for the president, they turned the DOJ against the president for whom they work. And now after sitting through that, after suffering through that, there is some hope that perhaps we'll get answers and we'll find out what really happened. And the Democrats are unsurprisingly apoplectic about it. There are careers, there's money, there's power in the balance, so nothing should be a beyond the scope of our imaginations for where this is going to go. Some very ugly, very disreputable, disgraceful conduct from the media, from the democratic party, from Schiff, from Liu, from Pelosi, from Schumer go down the list. They will have, for those of us who believe in facts and truth and justice a lot to answer for, of course their constituents. Many people who are so brainwashed and anti Trump, it doesn't matter what we find, they will never care. They really do believe while they've been talking all along about how much we have to respect the sacred institutions of our democracy. They really believe that anything to defeat Trump is acceptable. The only way that you can gauge if it's okay or not, is it harmful to Trump. And is it helpful to the left if the answers to those questions are yes. Doesn't matter who you trample, what you destroy, what you have to break to get there. This justice department inquiry now a criminal inquiry, which is funny, it's a criminal investigation is what this is. They are investigating. Be very precise when you look at the words, when you see how they describe all of this.

This could lead to catastrophe for the Democrats in 2020 and they must know that they have a very weak field as it is. What happens to Joe Biden? If we find out that the Obama administration did in fact try to destroy the Trump campaign, what happens if we find out that the so-called insurance policy in case Trump gets elected was something that was known and high level policy circles in the Obama white house. How does that look for Joe Biden? How does that look for the democratic party and I think we are very possibly going to find out information, of that gravity, I can't tell you what it is yet because we haven't seen the findings, but the Pfizer abuse report is complete and will be out soon. That was reported last night and let me give you a summary version of it that's going to go the Pfizer abuse that the Comey FBI and that the department of justice under Loretta Lynch engaged in against Trump associates and who knows who else was jaw-dropping. It was explicitly political. It was the worst kind of abuse of power. This was third world dictatorship stuff using the intelligence service against a political, a democratic political challenge to political establishment as well as the party in power. I used to work at the CIA. If we had seen this in another country, we'd say, man, that's, that is as dirty as it gets. You're using the intelligence service to try and take down and finish off your political opponent during an election. If that happened in some other country, people would say that, Oh, that's right. It was a coup and that's what we'll find out from this investigation that's underway now. And who knows how far it will go. The investigation of the investigators, we will find out that this was in fact the Obama administration's pro Hillary anti-Trump soft coup effort. That is my prediction for where this is going and I tend to be right

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