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I wanted to start with a question that I pose to our guest yesterday. The esteemed Tiana Lowe of the Washington Examiner. She's a California native. Where is the political backlash to problems that now are, are just glaringly obvious that are just staring everyone in the face. Let's review some of what's going on there. You right now have fires that are even threatening the Reagan library fires burning out of control. If the winds get bad, you could see hundreds and hundreds of homes perhaps who knows how many millions and millions of dollars of damage done people losing all their personal belongings. And of course, most importantly, most urgently, the possibility of people in harm's way as these fires can burn very fast, very quickly, change direction and can be caught in a place where there's just no way to help and there's no one who can get to you in time. You have these fires. Then you also have the blackouts and the fires and the blackouts are related. Now keep in mind this is not just any state. California is the fifth largest economy in the world by itself and because of the political monoculture that exists there, it is largely now a standard bearer of unfettered liberalism. Progressivism without any speed bumps or breaks put on it, just go all in progressive, very high taxes, tremendous regulation, left wing special interests dictating policy. Now you have the problem with the blackouts tied to the fires because the blackouts that could affect up to 40 million people in the state of California are result of concerns over the fires. Why do you have fires in California like this? And by the way, the fires are more devastating in recent years then they had been in the past, people want to point to climate change, but in fact there were more fires overall earlier in history if you look at the data on this. It's not that there are more fires, the fires have become more devastating. Why is that? They will tell us it's because of climate change. They're just pointing to the thing that makes them happiest as an answer. It's much more likely that the natural state that many of the environmentalist groups in California insist on for the forested areas, meaning leave all the dead brush, leave all this stuff there, don't do any controlled burns and don't do any active forestry management. Just let everything pile up. That then results in much more devastating fast burning fires in many areas of the state. And then you also have the blackouts that have come down. A PG&E, which is the major utility company involved here has insisted on voluntary blackouts. It looks voluntary from the perspective of the company does not have to do this thing but is doing it because they don't want liability for fires that are caused by downed power lines. All right, so when there are fires going on, they're concerned about being blamed for fires that result from a down power line. Obviously if the fire stretches and hit some of the power lines or if winds pick up, which is a concern about the fire, there's all these different components of risk for PG&E. So what do they do? They say, fine, we're just gonna turn off the power. Now this is something that you generally associate with a third world country having been in countries where in the middle of the day, all of a sudden all the lights go out, all the computers go blank. The air conditioning shuts off. If they have air conditioning. You say to yourself, what just happened? Oh, just you know, a blackout will be on hopefully in an hour or two and everyone just kind of goes, okay, I don't think the people of California should get used to that. I don't think that they should accept this as the future as the status quo, but I do wonder when will they wake up to what's really going on here? When will they recognize that? First of all, less than 10% of these major forest fires are started by downed electrical lines. All the judgments that are being made right now by PG&E are very much effected by the hyper regulatory environment that exists. Oh by the way, having the power company extend their networks to housing developments in what are considered very high fire risk areas. Even though the power company is like, well, that's going to be bad for us because what happens if there's a fire caused by a down power line in that high risk area? You're going to be held responsible.

In fact, the state of California holds the power company responsible regardless of negligence. So they're trying to provide power, something bad happens, power companies responsible now. And this is part of the litigious anti-corporate attitude. Even though it's a utility company, it's not really a private corporation the same way, but some big deep-pocketed corporate entity has to pay when bad things happen to people. This is another liberal idea, although sometimes it crosses party lines. California is a one party government folks. So when we look at the exploding homeless population on the streets of California cities, when we look at the terrible water management issues where they've had stretching back for years now, Oh, concerns about drought and what are we going to do? California as a piece of land, as a piece of territory should be paradise. Basically. It's incredibly rich in natural resources. You have an amazingly hospitable natural climate there for the agriculture, obviously for growing of wine up in Napa and Sonoma, as well as other places in the state of California. There's just tremendous natural resources in California. But there've been mismanaged horribly by those who are blinded by ideology. And now we get into so what happens now there's the flow from California of families, especially young working families that are saying, we're done with this. We're going to Nevada, we're going to Texas, we're going to North Carolina, perhaps Tennessee, I don't know, but they're just leaving places in California cause they can't take it anymore. The golden state is no longer golden for them. They've had enough. And now that part of your mind that thinks about the Federalist system that we have and the experiments of government and all the individual States, there should be a little bit of a, of a light going off there. When will people learn the lesson? Oh, but they'll tell us. California. So wealthy, look at how wealthy it is. Look at how many people live there. Well, a lot of people live there because they've been born into this state that is getting over time increasingly poorly managed. But there are also enormous concentrations of wealth in Silicon Valley and in Hollywood. Those are the two big ones that you generally think of. But remember, those are now appealing to a global marketplace. They're not just local company towns. You know they're not really responsible for the state of California. They pay high taxes a little, they have armies of accountants and try to avoid taxation as much as possible. And there's a lot of ways that corporatism and big government go hand in hand go together. But you'll notice that progressives have not yet figured out. They haven't yet connected the dots here as to why are all these things happening in this state? How is it that the same state that is home to the most wealthy technology corporations in the world. That's the same state now that has blackouts for millions of people. When there's a fire going somewhere in this state that that seems to be a warning sign, doesn't it? But here's the problem. Progressive's can live off the fat of the land for awhile. They can take what they can and over the period of time that they are running an economy, in this case the state economy into a ground, into the ground, they will always come up with new excuses to why this is happening.

You also have in that progressive stronghold on the left coast, the wealth inequality that is looking like a third world country, while they're pretending to be doing so much to help working people. So politics has been largely dysfunctional there because it's a one party state, but Progressive's never learned the lesson. You see, that's what you really have to take away from this. They don't see cause and effect. They just come up with theories. Oh, it's climate change. Oh, it's because the rich aren't paying their fair share. It's always a slogan. It's never rooted in cause and effect the reality of what's really happening day to day, what decisions are made and what are the consequences of those decisions, especially by the state government that these things take time. Right? It takes time to ruin a city as we see here in New York with Mayor de Blasio, it takes time to ruin a state. The problem with waiting until all the results are in is really two fold. One is then things are ruined and two, they won't even take responsibility once they've destroyed the thing that you've been warning them all along they were destroying. That's really part of the lesson of mismanagement in, in California. In many major cities that are Democrat strongholds, whether it's Detroit or Chicago or Baltimore, it's never the fault of the people in charge.

You see, there's always external factors and it's almost like the Venezuela playbook here. Well, it's not that the Maduro regime and before the Chavez regime turned a generally well-off South American country into an impoverished \wasteland. It's the Yankee Americans were the ones that ruin this country. You know? You talk about Chicago? You talk about Baltimore, you're talking about the whole state of California now. It can't be the Democrat party. It can't be the policies of the left, which make people feel good and can sound good, but in practice are disastrous. Whether it's water management, forestry, dealing with fires, management of utility companies, economic inequality, all these different areas where California is just a disaster. They don't learn the lesson, which is one of the reasons why we can't just allow them to play out their experiment. We have to try and come up with a counter argument, come up with an alternative that people will believe in enough to take power out of the hands of the left wing ideologues, the central planners of progressivism, and give it to people who know what the heck they're doing and will govern based on not just the will of the people as they see it, but on the results of their policies. They can tell us all day about how terrible Trump is. Look at how the country's doing. Trump's the president. Look at how California's doing. Democrats were on the whole state. I think the proof is in the pudding as they say, my friends, but don't expect them to learn that lesson anytime soon. That was always already excused. When you're talking about leftist, no matter how much they destroy, what should be a great state, a great place, and that's what they're doing right now.

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