READ: Buck Sexton says media is beyond parity after dog incident

Welcome to the Buck Sexton Show everybody. It's rainy, dreary Thursday here in New York city. A great day to be hanging out with all of you though in the freedom hut where we are kept warm and dry by our love of country. That's right. That's how we do. I want to start with something that's not the biggest news story of the day. Cause I'm getting sick of the biggest news story every day, which was all impeachment.

Why do you watch or listen to this show? It's a question that probably comes up whenever you turn it on. Whenever you start thinking about who you listened to, who you spend your time with. I would hope that one of the reasons I'm hoping there, there are many reasons you learn stuff. You enjoy the show. I certainly love doing it, but I'm also a pretty normal person. Meaning that I have not been ideologically brainwashed in a way where I can't find anything funny. I can't say anything nice about the other side. I try to approach all of this like a normal human being would, and that's not the case with much of the media. Many of you have probably already picked up on this, but the journos as we like to call the journalists class, have been broken in the era of Trump. They have no longer been able to hold on to any professional integrity and a sense of decency or even a sense of humor. They are now abnormal as compared to the American people because nothing is funny to them. Everything is, Oh, does this hurt Trump? Is this something that will be politically useful to my side? And I would think that after a while, anybody who was a reader of the New York Times, the Washington Post or watches CNN would think, wow, all these people are kind of nuts. They're just not normal. There are problems here. I bring you a photo and hat tip Daily Wire for this fantastic photo. For those of you who are listening and can't see it, I can just describe it to you. It is Conan. We're calling him Conan The Barkarian in here, which I think is kind of fun. They put out this photo and they also then took a photo of President Trump putting a medal of honor on an actual metal of honor recipient. And they made this, it's a funny meme. This is the equivalent in terms of the realism of the memes that are out there of George Bush on the back of a Velossa Raptor with an American flag sticking off the back of the Raptor and machine guns in each hand or Ronald Reagan flying around with an AR 15 in each hand on the back of a Bald Eagle. I mean, those funny meme that are out there. This was a funny meme, not a single adults in America looked at this and thought, Oh wow, the president of the United States is putting a medal of honor on a dog right now. Not a single person thought that, and not a single person beyond that, I would think would take offense to this or, or think that they need to do a fact check of it. But my friends, we live in stupid times and the journalists class is in full on disintegration and disarray. And that's why we have people like Steve Herman at voice of America who tweeted out the following about a photo, a doctored photo, of Conan the Belgian Malinois from the Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi raid, getting the medal of honor from President Trump. Steve Vermin tweeted out, I've requested details from the white house on this photo. There was no such canine event on today's POTUS schedule, but there's a metal of honor ceremony set here for later today for an active duty green beret. Oh, Make sure you make sure you get us all the facts on that one. Make sure you let us know. Jim Acosta, who is really in a class by himself for vain, stupid anchorman style from the movie. I mean, anchorman, you know, he's the guy who really would read from the teleprompter. I am Ron Burgundy? CNN thinks that he's a great journalist. Oh, he's doing such great stuff over there. It really brings a lot of insight and integrity to the position. The New York Times tweeted out, president Trump on Wednesday shared a photograph from 2017 altered. Just show him placing a metal around the neck of the dog, injured in the raid that led to the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the Islamic state's leader. Thank you for that fact check New York Times. So very, very important. Jim Acosta tweeted out a White House official said quote, the dog is not at the White House. Oh, thank heavens. I'm not exaggerating this.The New York Times did two stories on this meme. The premier liberal newspaper in the country. Two stories on this meme. They had a couple of reporters on it and there was even an effort among some of the journos to suggest that this was disrespectful cause this is one of the favorite lines of attack against Trump. That he's disrespectful to wounded veterans. Meanwhile, every veteran that I've ever spoken to and I speak to a lot of them, thinks that President Trump is great with, with a couple of exceptions who happen to be Democrats in the public eye who served. But other than that, every veteran that I just meet and talk to is always like, President Trump is doing a great job. I'm not saying that that's scientific or that's based on any polling data or anything. It's just my perception of it.Media though, always try to convince us that veterans don't like Trump. Ask a door kicker. Ask somebody who's on the front line, tip of the spear, how they tend to feel about this President. I would offer you that for door kickers, not for people who are, I mean I was in intelligence civilian, but not for people who are in the rear with the gear, the door kickers. You probably would have 75 to 90% of them supportive of president Trump. That's just my estimate. That's just a guess. But that's what I would think. But there were people who were suggesting that this was disrespectful. A meme that was hilarious to any normal person, which is again, why I said I do a show or I do a lot of research and bring some background, but I'm a normal person. I'm not one of these journos. 

I don't care that I'm never going to be invited to the Columbia journalism review banquet or you know, I'm not going to get invited to, you know, Jeff Zucker's birthday party or something on a yacht somewhere like I don't care. I don't want to be around those people. I don't respect those people. I don't care. And I think that normal people generally take that opinion. People who have not been propagandized to the point where they can't separate out their politics from just being a person. But they wanted to start this story that the meme was disrespectful. The problem with that is that the actual medal of honor winner that they cropped out of the photo to put the dog in, thought it was hilarious went on record saying "that's really funny," cause he's also not just a hero, a true hero, but a normal person. Normal people across the country all recognize that this was a funny joke. The journalists did not think it was funny. The journalists wanted to track the story down, wanted to find answers. Is this fake news? The president sharing a meme of a dog getting the medal of honor? I don't know. I really hope they chase down whether Ronald Reagan really flies around on the back of a velociraptor with bazookas in each hand. I think they need to get us the answers we deserve on that one. The media has become beyond parody. You cannot trust them. You should not trust them. I hope you know that at this point. There are some people in the media you can trust there. Even some organizations that I'd say by and large you can trust, but the mainstream media, the 90% of journalists that hate Trump, that hate Republicans, that hate the Republican party as it is right now. You cannot trust them for anything. I used to say, I read the New York Times just so I could have the food reviews and the cultural stuff, but even now that's all woke. That's all social justice infused. Nothing escapes this mindset. I really do think that liberalism in this country, leftism has turned into a mass delusion, and the sufferers of this delusion have no escape from it. Now. It pervades every aspect of their lives. It is in everything and all of the above, a malady. 

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