Do We Really Think Chuck Todd’s Barr Clip Was an Accident?

Buck Sexton, the host of “The Buck Sexton Show” called out NBC News’ Chuck Todd over an edited clip that featured Attorney General Bill Barr that was carefully edited to make it seem that the country’s top lawyer was flip with his answer about the Michael Flynn investigation.

Todd’s Sunday show,“Meet the Press,” was criticized over an embarrassing video clip that showed Barr discussing the Department of Justice’s decision to drop charges against Flynn, President Trump’s first national security adviser.


Barr said, “Well, history is written by the winners. So it largely depends on who’s writing history.”

Todd called out Barr’s “cynicism” in his response and said it was almost as though he was admitting that Flynn’s exoneration was a “political job.”

One problem: a spokeswoman for the DOJ spotted the clip and corrected the record, pointing to Barr’s full response to the previous question.

“Well, history is written by the winner. So it largely depends on who’s writing the history. But I think it’s fair history would say it was a good decision because it upheld the rule of law. It upheld the standards of the Department of Justice, and it undid what was an injustice.”

The show responded to the spokeswoman who posted Barr’s full transcript and admitted the error, saying, “we inadvertently and inaccurately cut short a video clip of an interview with AG Barr before offering commentary and analysis. The remaining clip included important remarks from the attorney general that we missed, and we regret the error.”

The “error” prompted President Trump to call for Todd to be fired.

Sexton said the edited clip was “cut it in a way where it’s clear, because the next sentence makes everything that Chuck Todd said untrue and they must know this.”

Sexton continued that mainstream media organizations are used to not being challenged and are “so used to the dishonesty and getting away with it that they got sloppy.”

“This is a great one because they even had to admit that this was a grotesque misrepresentation,” Sexton said.

Barr is a member of the Trump cabinet who is particularly despised by the press. Sexton said the hatred stems from the fact that journalists know that Barr is smarter than they are and won’t roll over.

“They took a throwaway quote, while he was having a conversation with a journalist, and they acted like that was his answer to the question,” Sexton said.

Sexton also questioned how a reporter like Todd managed to obtain such an important seat in journalism.

“What is the appeal of Chuck Todd? He’s friends with people who make decisions at NBC, I guess?” Sexton said. He continued, “the guy has no ability, no talent whatsoever other than just sort of weaseling his way through the corporate media infrastructure to get into the position of influence and authority.”