CNN Should Become a Cooking Network, Sexton Says

Any public service that CNN used to stake claim to has evaporated during the coronavirus outbreak and should change its programming to become a DIY network or cooking channel, Buck Sexton, the host of "The Buck Sexton Show" said Wednesday.


CNN is so diminished that it isn’t even an important outlet for progressives anymore, who get their pick of news channels and websites happy to push Democrat propaganda, he said.

“Nobody would miss it except for the people drawing a paycheck from CNN, but they have lots of other options,” he said. “Unlike conservative, there are plenty of media outlets for them.”

One particular personality on the channel that reeks of privilege and insincerity is Chris Cuomo, the other “Cuomo Bro.”

Sexton said the “Cuomo Prime Time” host—like his brother Gov. Andrew Cuomo—has experienced a lifetime of perks that come with powerful last names. It is particularly irksome when they try to become the voice of the people.

“Do any of you think that he really cares about, as he calls it, the ‘brown working class’? This is a guy who shuttles between a multi-million dollar apartment in New York City and a house in the Hamptons.”

Sexton has spoken out against what he sees as governmental overreach in the effort to stop the spread of coronavirus. He has pointed to data that, at the minimum, questions the effectiveness of these economy-killing shelter-in-place orders. Sexton said Democrats appear content to move as slowly as possible in the reopening because they know that any v-shaped bounce in the economy would assure President Trump a second term.

He said it is easy for CNN anchors like the Yale-trained Cuomo, who have jobs and can rely on AT&T to get a paycheck, to tell mom-and-pop shops across the country to stay closed indefinitely.

For Americans not the son of former governors, the coronavirus has been economically devastating. MarketWatch reported Wednesday that new weekly jobless claims are expected to be about 2.7 million, which would bring the total since early March to 35 million. That number is likely much higher because some states are having issues with their systems due to demand.

MarketWatch reported that the U.S. did not keep a complete track of how many Americans were unemployed during the Great Depression, but historians put the number at about 24.9 percent. The unemployment rate now could end up surpassing 25 percent, the report said.

Sexton said Cuomo is being “disingenuous” in his stance on reopening.

“What does he want us to do? We’re just going to stay locked down forever?”

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