Coronavirus Lockdowns Have Caused Incalculable Economic Damage

Job wanted cardboard sign and N95 respirator mask. Concept of recession, unemployment and layoffs due to Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic

Job wanted cardboard sign and N95 respirator mask. Concept of recession, unemployment and layoffs due to Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic

Buck Sexton, the host of "The Buck Sexton Show" said on Thursday that the worldwide economic shutdown will cause incalculable damage to the global economy and put millions at risk for starvation and economic ruin.

The effects of global travel bans and stay-at-home orders have ravaged the global economy. The U.S. saw 2.9 million Americans apply for unemployment last week alone,bringing the total number of claims since the beginnings of the outbreak to 36.5 million. (Those numbers are expected to be significantly higher due to claims that have simply not been filed due, in part, to statewide system issues.)

Sexton pointed to a Los Angeles Times article that said the economic devastation from the coronavirus will likely kill more people worldwide than the pandemic. The report said those at most risk live in the poorest country where millions will simply never recover in their lifetimes.

Nancy Lindborg, the president of the U.S.Institute of Peace, told the paper that it is like watching “a slow-motion train wreck” as the coronavirus moves through the world’s most fragile countries. Some of the grim predictions from the U.N. include the possibility that an additional 130 million will be pushed to the brink of hunger and 30 million children could die.

“I want to stress that we are not only facing a global health pandemic but also a humanitarian catastrophe,”David Beasley, the executive director of the U.N.’s Food Program, told the paper.

Sexton called much of the global economic devastation “self-inflicted.”

“The virus is one thing,” he said. “But the shutdowns have crushed economies and forced incalculable economic damage onto all of us. Do you think they’re ever going to admit that this was a bad idea?”

Sexton has been a vocal critic of the shutdown in states across the U.S. He pointed to data that suggests that there’s little evidence that these economy-killing guidelines have any effect on disease transmission, yet have destroyed millions of jobs and put families at risk across the U.S.

It is becoming clearer that the correct approach would have been to take steps to protect the most vulnerable while the rest of the population practices good hygiene.

Sexton said many of these Democrat state and local leaders in the U.S. are moving slow on the country’s reopening because they have a steady job and savings account.

“They’re not the ones that are suffering,” Sexton said. He continued, “It’s the people getting clobbered. People are making an hourly wage. The people who are out there saving our lives, carrying the country on their back and losing lives in the process of doing it.”

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