Rep. Jim Jordan: Congress ‘Missing in Action’ During Coronavirus Outbreak

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, told "The Buck Sexton Show" Friday that Congress has been “missing in action” during the coronavirus outbreak despite “big issues that confront our nation.”

“Speaker Pelosi, where’s your plan?” Jordan asked.

Jordan said it is important for Congress to be an example for the country. He pointed out that “truckers are trucking” and other Americans—like grocery store employees—are making sacrifices to keep the country going. Congress, he said, should be no different.

“Why can’t the U.S. Congress get back to work and deal with some of the issues that are critical to this virus?” he asked.

Jordan’s call comes as President Trump begins to lay out his roadmap to restore the American economy that has been severely damaged by the coronavirus outbreak.

Trump’s plan focuses on the state-level and keeps track, for example, of local hospitalizations and documented cases to guide any kind of reopening transition.

“The lynchpin of this operation will be rapid, widespread diagnostic and antibody testing available to not only health care and other front line employees, but other Americans as well who are finally getting back to work,” Rep. Lee Zeldin, R- N.Y., wrote on

Jordan is not the only representative to criticize the House over its coronavirus response. Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky., who forced lawmakers back to the Capitol last month to vote on that coronavirus rescue package, has also been critical of the body.

“The Constitution requires that a quorum of members be present to conduct business in the House,” Massie tweeted at the time. “Right now, millions of essential working-class Americans are still required to go to work during this pandemic. Is it too much to ask that the House do its job, just like the Senate did?”

Jordan blamed Democrats for using the $2 trillion rescue bill to secure funding for the Kennedy Center and slammed Rep.Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., introduced a bill a few weeks ago that said “we should pay states to let criminals out during the coronavirus.”

Jordan said that idea was one of the dumbest plans he's ever heard.

The New York Times reported Wednesday that Trump was “furious” over government vacancies and threatened to invoke a presidential power to adjourn Congress and fill some of these positions – on a temporary basis—by himself.

The paper reported that both the House and the Senate have taken an extended recess, with frequent “pro forma” sessions that last for a few minutes. The Times said these meetings prevent Trump from making recess appointments.

“The current practice of leaving town while conducting phony pro forma sessions is a dereliction of duty the American people can’t afford during this crisis. They have been warned,” Trump said, according to the paper.

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