The Claim that China Has Had Fewer COVID-19 Deaths Than US is a ‘Farce’

Jack Posobiec, the One America News Network correspondent, told "The Buck Sexton Show" on Friday that China has been hiding key information on the coronavirus from the beginning and its claim of fewer COVID-19 deaths than the U.S. is nothing more than a “farce.”

China has been criticized by the Trump administration—Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, in particular—over its alleged coronavirus coverup and murky origins. White House officials said the U.S. would have been better prepared for the outbreak if Beijing was more forthcoming with details on the virus and its rapid spread. 

There have also been reports that the virus originated in a Wuhan lab, a claim that China has denied.

Posobiec, a veteran intelligence officer for the U.S. Navy and Mandarin linguist, told the show that “we know the numbers out of China are false.”

He pointed to the infection rate in large U.S. cities and compared them to what is being reported out of Chinese cities like Beijing and Shanghai, which have over 20 million residents

“So the idea that they had less deaths is a joke, it’s a complete farce,” he said.

China continues to make bold claims in its fight against the coronavirus. The Associated Press reported Thursday that China has gone a full month without any new deaths from the virus and said it has fewer than 100 patients currently being treated in hospitals. China has reported a total of 4,633 deaths and 82,933 cases.

The U.S. has seen a total of 1.4 million cases as of Friday afternoon and 86,000 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins official tally.

Pompeo told Buck Sexton in an earlier interview that Beijing has claimed it has been transparent during the entire pandemic, but he pointed to the country’s alleged effort to intimidate doctors who raised concerns about the virus early on, and its effort to keep the international community in the dark during the early stages. Health officials say the lack of transparency prevented earlier preparation for the incoming wave.

Pompeo has been one of the top critics of China and made a swipe at Beijing during a recent visit to Israel.

“You’re a great partner, you share information — unlike some other countries that try and obfuscate and hide that information — and we’ll talk about that country, too,” Pompeo told Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Posobiec told Sexton that the Chinese have “followed the old Soviet playbook when it came to Chernobyl.”

“If something happens when something goes wrong—instead of letting the world know, instead of getting the information out, instead of letting transparency run its course so that you can take precautionary measures” they essentially covered up the crisis that was unfolding in real-time, he said.