Dinesh D'Souza: Left Peddling Fear to Advance Their Socialist Agenda

Dinesh D’Souza, the conservative author, told “The Buck Sexton Show” Monday that the left in the Democrat party are fear-mongering in order to advance their agenda amid the coronavirus outbreak.

D’Souza said it is the modus operandi for Democrats to grab hold of a tragedy of Armageddon-type proportions to peddle fear. A good example was their sales pitch on climate change.

"They have become specialists in manufactured fear to make people do things that in calm and sober moments we never would do," he said.

State governments have enacted wide-ranging guidelines that have essentially shut down the country’s economy, particularly in blue states. Protests have begun to emerge in the country. These protests are largely comprised of individuals bristling at the thought of the government deciding which businesses get to survive and which ones die. There remains an unsettled feeling in religious quarters that many church services have been banned while liquor stores and Home Depots remain opened.

"We’ve also seen the other signature move of socialism, which is the attack on civil liberties, the invasion of privacy and the attack on civil liberties,” he said.

D’Souza said he fears that millions of Americans who are making more money staying at home than when they had jobs will become too comfortable with the unsustainable lifestyle.

“Ironically, I think the left is relying on, kind of the habit of lethargy setting in on people so that what the left is proposing is more tempting.”

Economists, including Karl W. Smith, have warned that the U.S. could be a little too generous, according to a Bloomberg article last month. The assistant professor of economics at the University of North Carolina said the increase in unemployment benefits can even lead to resentment from essential workers—like those in supermarkets—who make far less than what some can now make in unemployment.

The CARES Act lays the groundwork for those unemployed due to the outbreak to pull in an additional $600 a week on top of their normal payout.

“In certain states, that might be a little but too much money,” Steven Mnuchin, the Treasury secretary, said. “In other states, it’s less money. It’s not a perfect system, but the president’s objective was to make sure we get money into people’s hands.”

D’Souza said the “best thing going” for the left right now is keeping the illusion that the government can provide an unlimited payout and hope that Americans get so comfortable that they start to believe them.

“I think coronavirus gives us a kind of window—a kind of foretaste—of what socialism looks like,” D’Souza said. He told Sexton that his wife is Venezuelan and would tell him stories about food rationing and empty shelves in supermarkets “and now we’re seeing it here in America.”