Dems: Mail-In Voting Will counter GOP attempts to suppress minority votes

“It's really a great system," Democratic Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley said, referring to mail-in voting during an interview with Dean Obeidallah on SiriusXM. 

"One of those valuable things, which will become more and more important is it stops so many forms of voter suppression and voter intimidation. The Republicans are trying to stop poor people from voting, they’re trying to stop college students from voting, people of color from voting, Indian tribes from voting."

Merkley added that mail-in balloting prevents Republicans from engaging in "tricks," like long wait times, that would suppress the vote.

President Donald Trump on Wednesday threatened Michigan authorities with withholding federal funding to the state if election officials there do not retreat from measures meant to facilitate mail-in voting.

Merkley pushed back on potential voter fraud saying that mail-in voting was a "very, very reliable, good system and it makes sure that people don't get disenfranchised because of traffic, because of snow, because someone rigged the precinct to have too few poll workers or because the computers went down there that night."

"It's all paper so it can be recounted which is a huge factor in legitimacy," he added.