Sexton Says Unrest Will ‘Get Uglier’ Thanks to Media, ‘Feckless’ Celebs

The out-of-control nationwide unrest over the death of George Floyd in police custody is being promoted and enabled by a “feckless” celebrity class and journalists who’ve made a career by fanning the flames of racial discord in the country, Buck Sexton, the host of “The Buck Sexton Show” said.

“We have the most feckless, stupid, immoral, cowardly celebrity class of any society that you could point to in history,” Sexton said. “These people who have become so wealthy and so influential are mostly just lucky and have used the system in every way that could to benefit themselves. They turn around and now, because it makes them feel good, because of their addiction to virtue signaling, they don’t care if your business is burned down or destroyed.”

Sexton pointed out a remarkable news report on CNN where reporter, Miguel Marquez, was reporting from the protests late last week in Minneapolis. Marquez called the protest a “merry caravan.”

“It is worth pointing out that it has been entirely peaceful,” he said. “Sometimes angry but entirely peaceful.” His hit was interrupted by a few bottles thrown at him, which he said was “not uncommon.” He was cursed out by members of the “merry caravan” and shook it off by saying, “there is some of that.”

MSNBC’s Ali Velshi reported from in front of a burning building in the city and confirmed to viewers that the “mostly protest” was not “generally speaking” unruly.

Sexton said that the mainstream media continues to try and sell the narrative that the protests are peaceful. He said the “elite journo class” has become a problem for the country.

“They are damaging to the public,” he said. “And it’s peaceful, except for the graffiti writing and the profanity being screamed and the threats and—just—the obscenities and the vulgarities and the destruction of property and the menacing of the public that’s going on. Other than that, entirely peaceful.

Sexton said he “hates” bad cops and said the small percentage of officers is a menace to society. But any ground that protests over the death of Floyd in police custody made in an effort to end police brutality is on the brink of evaporating.

“Calling out what’s going on here, which is just an expression of mass rage, a frenzy of hatred and destruction,” Sexton said. “This will not benefit anyone if they believe in justice. This is not going to make police relationships with communities any stronger. This will do nothing positive.”