Lockdown Protesters Shunned but Rioters Embraced

It’s a strange time in this country’s history.

Just a few weeks ago, Democrats and the mainstream media were doing their best to ostracize protesters who demanded that the government reopen “nonessential” businesses during the coronavirus outbreak, and now they’re defending crowds gathering over George Floyd’s death.

“We’ve had months of our lives stolen from us by the government’s ineptitude and stupidity,”Buck Sexton, the host of “The Buck Sexton Show” said on Wednesday. “Months. We will never get back. If that was bothersome to you and you wanted to protest, you’re a bad person. You were putting lives at risk. You were allowed to have that choice. There was no goodwill or good faith extended to you if you wanted to protest the lockdowns.”

Joy Behar, the co-host of ABC’s “The View” summed up the general feeling in the media about these lockdown protesters when she asked if the protesters would be willing to “sign away their right to treatment” if they came down with the virus after the protests. (She did not make such a bold claim now.)


Sexton said that so-called public health experts who were swift to criticize Americans out protesting for their First Amendment right and right to earn a living are now making excuses for the “thousands and thousands of people cramming together in the streets of major cities across the country.”

Sexton said the country’s fight against racism is an important issue. President Trump told Sexton last week that he watched the video leading up to Floyd’s death and said it was “horrible.” But Sexton said the left has been waging a war on neutral principals for years.

“They have been trying to tear down,” he said. “How many times do you hear me talk about how hypocrisy is defining characteristics of the left? And we see it now with the Covid lockdown. That’s a perfect example. Protesting the Covid lockdown was reckless and terrible for health reasons, they say. And now, ‘Oh, no, the fight against racism is so important.”

Sexton predicted that these large crowds gathering over the George Floyd death in police custody will prove one thing: that the lockdowns across the country were worthless and there will be no surge in coronavirus cases.

“Look, I had a week or two where I was deeply concerned [about the virus],” Sexton said. But he said he saw early on that the lockdowns were going to decimate the economy and people had to get back to work.