How Do We Go From Cheering Cops to Hating Them in One Week?

Not too long ago, New Yorkers and city-dwellers across the country took a break from their busy lives to stand by their windows and cheer first-responders, which include cops, who were literally putting their life on the lines during the coronavirus outbreak.

Police officers assisted with transporting COVID-19 patients and continued to patrol the streets and risk infection from a violent suspect. These police officers—like many first-responders—were finally getting the recognition that they deserved.

What a difference a week makes.

Buck Sexton, the host of “The Buck Sexton Show” said Thursday that it is stunning to watch the speed in which the Democrats and media threw police under the bus amid the George Floyd riots. Sexton said that he blames the Democrat Party for its role in the demonization.

“The protesters and the looters and the rioters, these are Democrats. Now, that doesn’t mean that all Democrats are guilty, I won’t do what they do and say everyone’s responsible for the acts of someone else,” Sexton said. “But we should look at which side of the political aisle has produced this mayhem and destruction. And it’s not the right.”

Protests continue to rage across the country as city leaders try to balance sympathizing with sincere protesters while protecting their citizens and property from violence. Cities have already announced initiatives in response to the protests, including Los Angeles, which will slash up to $150 million from its police budget and invest that money into communities of color.

Protesters say that Floyd’s death in police custody is another example of the tension between them and law enforcement.

Sexton said that Black Lives Matter stands for a lot of true points and topics like police reform are important issues. But he said he rejects the call to defund police and the attempt to paint all police as racists.

Sexton said there is a danger in trying to appease angry mobs. He said police forces across the country should not feel pressured into kneeling in front of these mobs.

“Never kneel to the mob,” he said. He continued, “This is where I draw the line yesterday. You never kneel to the mob because they tell you you should. If you feel you should kneel for some reason, whether it’s in praise of God or you feel solidarity with Colin Kaepernick, whatever. If that’s how you feel, then that’s your right. But never do it to appease. Never do it because the mob demands it.”