Left’s Playbook Easily Seen in BLM Litmus Test

The country is now witnessing the technique that Democrats use in their relentless attempt to divide and conquer the country.

The Black Live Matter movement is beginning to show obvious similarities to the push against climate change, Buck Sexton, the host of The Buck Sexton Show” said on Tuesday. Unless you check off every element connected to the movement, you will not be embraced and face social odium.

“Do you believe in climate change? Yes? Well, then you have to accept all these other policies and ideas that I put forward. Do you accept the Green New Deal? No? Well, I thought you said you believed in climate change?” Sexton said. “The same idea is present here with the Black Lives Matter movement to support black lives. Of course, everyone supports black lives. To do anything but that would be deeply immoral and disgraceful.”

But he said that the next question is: “Do you support defunding cops, disarming cops and federalizing law enforcement?” If you do not answer yes to all of the above, you can be criticized for being insincere in your belief in the BLM movement.


“This is how they do it. And so on the one hand, it’s not really possible for you to oppose the movement without subjecting yourself to the worst kinds of attacks and smears and the politics of personal destruction,” he said. He said, “You must comply. You have no choice but to agree with them or else you are bad.”

Sexton pointed to the report out of Chicago that the city just experienced its most violent day in 60 years. Therewasa total of 18 murders on Sunday, May 31.

“We’ve never seen anything like it, at all, ”Max Kapustin, the senior research director at the University of Chicago Crime Lab, the ChicagoSun-Times reported. “…I don’t even know how to put it into context. It’s beyond anything that we’ve ever seen before.”

The report said that the second most-deadly day in the city was in August 1991.

Sexton pointed out that most of these killings were in minority neighborhoods, in "areas of cities where there are people working, trying to get ahead, who are trying to do the right thing." He said Democrats will continue to push the narrative that black lives matter “while people suffer, while actual human beings are suffering.”