You Better Bend that Knee

In today’s climate, unless you march in lockstep with every demand by George Floyd protesters, you run the risk of being destroyed. That means if you are a police officer, and you're asked you to kneel during a demonstration, you kneel. If you're a broadcaster and mention that “all lives matter,” you can be fired. Even legendary quarterbacks that speak out against disrespecting the American flag are now forced to apologize several times and talk about the next steps in their rehabilitation.

Buck Sexton, the host of “The Buck Sexton Show,” on Thursday pointed out the latest uproar. A UCLA accounting professor had the nerve to refuse a request to modify final exams by students who described themselves as “nonblack allies.” They reportedly asked Gordon Klein, who taught at the Anderson School of Management for nearly 40 years, to adjust final exams due to Floyd's death and its impact on the community.


Klein, who was suspended, told Fox News on Wednesday that he was following the school’s policy and believed that he was a “sacrificial lamb.”

"I got a directive, as did my colleagues, that we should absolutely continue the traditional policy [of] the university, and give the exam as scheduled with only the normal excuses, such as you're in a car accident, you had a death in the family," Klein told host Laura Ingraham. "I followed the specific direction my boss gave me and the school knows it."

Sexton said that he sees some concerning similarities between where the U.S. is headed and the old Soviet Union. He said that under Joseph Stalin, you were subjected to exile and even execution if it was determined that you were “merely insufficient in your praise” of the dictator of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

The trend is not isolated in the U.S. Sexton pointed to Martin Shipton, the chief reporter for the U.K.’s Western Mail, who was asked to step down from his position as a judge on the Wales Book of the Year committee after troubling tweets, according to the BBC.

Shipton asked why protesters were allowed to disregard social distancing measures amid the coronavirus outbreak.

"After expressing my concerns about the Black Lives Matter protest in Cardiff, which undoubtedly broke the Welsh Government's prohibition on public gatherings of more than two people, I was subjected on Twitter to a vicious tirade of abuse and bullying that lasted for days," he said, according to the BBC. He said the disease has “taken many more lives than the Minneapolis police.”

Sexton said Shipton’s backlash is an apt example of the trend.

“So if you point out that Black Lives Matter protests are breaking social distancing rules that government employees were trying to ram down your throat and use force to make sure you comply until two weeks ago, you can get suspended for that,” he said.