Do Cops Need to Get Tasered Before Using Weapons?

Buck Sexton, the host of “The Buck Sexton Show,” said Monday that the shooting of Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta is “much more complicated” than the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis because the officers in Atlanta were chasing a suspect who had wrestled away a Taser.

Sexton pointed out that the officer who shot Brooks has already lost his job and his partner was put on leave. “So the police department has sent a signal that this was a bad shot right off the bat,” he said.

Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard said Officer Garrett Rolfe, who fired the fatal shots, could face felony murder charges and the charge could be handed down as soon as Wednesday.

He told CNN that, after watching the video of the interaction, “the fact that it would escalate to his death seems unreasonable. Howard made the comments after a medical examiner determined that Brooks, 27, died from gunshot wounds to the back that led to organ failure due to blood loss.

Sexton said it did not appear that these cops “acted out of systemic racial hatred.”

“In fact, the opposite is shown in the video,” he said. “They are respectful and professional an polite to Rayshard Brooks.” But Brooks “decided he wasn’t going to get arrested.”

He started wrestling with the cops and manages to take a Taser before running. The Taser does not have the same lethality as a gun, but a suspect with one of the devices could poseas life-and-death risk for cops, who are carrying their service weapon.

Although the police officers had been wearing their body cameras, they fell to the ground during the struggle. But the Associated Press reported that a camera from the Wendy’s—that was later set on fire during a protest – showed Brooks turn and point it at the pursuing officers.

Rolfe later told a supervisor, “as I pursued him, he turned and started firing the Taser at me. He definitely did shoot it at me at least once.”

Sexton asked, “Are we now going to expect law enforcement officers to get Tasered and incapacitated by a suspected criminal?”

He said the police officer, in this case, has already been vilified.

“There was no investigation,” Sexton said. “But we are now claiming that a cop has to allow himself or herself to be Tasered and then hope that the criminal will not go up, take their gun and execute them because cops do get killed?”