Sexton: It's Time to Rally Around the Concept of “Wartime Conservatism”

Buck Sexton, the host of the “Buck Sexton Show,” offered a grim assessment of President Trump’s prospects in 2020 on Tuesday and said, despite the impeachment fiasco and Russia collusion saga, this is the first time in four years he feels that Trump is losing momentum.

All presidencies have their ups and downs. That’s politics. But Sexton said we “need to understand that things are not going well right now with the political movement that we voted for back in 2016.”

Trump famously said during the 2016 campaign that, “We’re going to win so much, you’re going to be so sick of winning.”

That has not happened. There are many factors that Trump simply could not control. The media has been on an all-out mission to remove him from office. He has been called a racist, sexist, a Russian asset and a president willing to risk the health of the country for economic gains, and the media has been working since 2016 to prove the thesis, but has not. Oh, and there has been a major global pandemic.

“I’m not despairing,” Sexton, who said he has been with Trump since Day 1 of his presidency, said. “We have an election ahead. We need to rally. But it’s wake up time, my friends. The left is running roughshod over people all across the country.”

Democrats have one problem though, and they know it: Joe Biden.

He is not the candidate anybody wanted, especially now after the fallout from George Floyd’s death in police custody. “Crime Bill” Joe is going to have to tell minorities in the party why he’s the one they should vote for over the president who brought you the First Step Act.

But have no fear, “the left will openly and willfully vote for a box of rusty nails over Donald Trump,” Sexton said. “And they might be able to make a box of rusty nails win unless we step up.”

Trump supporters in blue and purple states tend to be a quiet bunch because the media has trained the public to resent them as much as the president. Clearly, if you support someone who says you should stand for the national anthem –looking at you Drew Brees– you are what Hillary Clinton defined as a “deplorable.”

But Sexton said if these quiet Trump supporters don’t mobilize and “make some noise,” the bullies in the media will successfully oust the man behind to bully pulpit.

Sexton pointed to the recent Supreme Court ruling that was seen by some as a grave threat to religious liberty. Trump-appointed Justice Neil Gorsuch’s opinion sealed new protections for the LGBTQ community that bars employment discrimination over gender identity and sexuality. The concern is among faith-based employers.

Sexton said this proves that the Supreme Court will not protect you and tougher days may still be ahead.

“We may be handing control of the House, the Senate and the presidency to the most insane left-wing Democrat party you have ever seen in your life,” he said.