Dems Finally Breach Trump Castle: America Needs Wartime Conservatives

We are losing right now.

It has taken four years, but the Democrat Party has finally managed to turn the tide against President Trump. They threw everything they had against him and pulled every dirty trick. But Trump was able to withstand the insane witch hunt of “Russia collusion,” the absurd Ukraine phone call impeachment, and the endless scheming of the institutional Left.

During this pandemic and the ensuing chaos on the streets, the fortress of Trumpism has finally been breached. This country has been through weeks of mayhem. Businesses have been looted and burned to the ground- and those who are responsible for the ideology behind this mayhem are allowed to claim the moral high ground. “Defund police” has become a mainstream chant, one echoed by Democrat politicians eager to pander and exploit.

Every sane person in this country should recognize that the Democrat Party- and all its appendages in the media- have completely lost their minds. The backlash against the defamation of our law enforcement community should be sweeping across the nation.

But that hasn’t happened. Instead, companies continue to fall over themselves to pay homage to the “Black Lives Matter” movement, and the elites cannot prostrate themselves before the movement fast enough. They think it’s working to their advantage- and so far, they’re right.

Where is our champion in this fight? Despite Trump’s almost superhuman resilience and grit, the President is in trouble. He has carried a political movement on his shoulders for years, and took the fight to the mainstream media in a way we have never seen before. But now the Democrats have Trump playing defense for the first time in his presidency.

Yes, he’s a great counter puncher, but he is fighting a once in a century pandemic as well as the mass mobilization of all the Democrats’ anti-Trump rage. There are simply too many assailants coming at him from too many directions. Even with the bully pulpit of the presidency, and over 80 million twitter followers, Trump’s message isn’t getting through.

The left wing mob is seizing this moment. They know whether making their demands in the streets or in the boardrooms of the most powerful corporations in the world, normal people are terrified to stand up to them. The woke mafia is drunk with power, and it’s only going to get worse unless people of conscience and courage stand up to the bullying and the lies.

We need wartime conservatism.

We need Americans, from our elected officials to media figures to the everyday men and women reading this right now to mount up for this fight. Do not get shamed into silence or complicity. No more apologizing for what you have not done, because people who do not know you and do not care about you demand it. That is the woke Left’s power. Take it away from them.

Make no mistake about it, this is going to be a challenging fight. Foolishly, we have ceded the chokepoints of the the digital world to the authoritarian Left. Our ideological opponents have seized all the major institutions of culture. An overwhelming majority of the news media, all of Hollywood, the academy, and now most of corporate America are in their hands. They control the biggest pipelines of information and the platforms of their elevation.

All of that is going to be mobilized against Trump, and his supporters. There will be losses. Good people are going to get de-platformed. They will get canceled. Many will be fired. This will happen at all levels of society, including public and private figures. We need to be prepared for that, and come to each others’ aid when it happens. Stand with those who stand for you.

Remember, the great purge is already happening. You are in this fight whether you want to be or not. You cannot buy off an invading army with a piece of territory when it wants total control. Weakness in the face of the Leftist mob only encourages it. They want to control what you do, say, and think. Never submit to them.

My fellow conservatives, do not waver.We can win this fight. And President Trump will rally us to his banner. It’s going to require us to become warriors for truth- each and every one of us- in our own ways.

Fight for your country, while it still feels like your country, and while you still have the freedom to do so. That may not always be the case. Time is running short.

Never bend the knee. Never surrender to the dictates of the mob. Support those who share your values and belief, even if it costs you. If enough Americans of honor and decency steel themselves with those principles, we will defeat this mob uprising of the woke Left and the Democrats’ hope to seize power this fall.

It’s time to turn this around. Your president needs you. Your country needs you. Let’s roll.