If you can’t speak, act or think freely, where exactly are you free?

Buck Sexton, the host of “Buck Sexton Show,” asked his listeners Wednesday to consider the recent push by the left-wing in the U.S. and list the ways in which they are actually free.

“If you can’t speak freely, act freely, think freely, where exactly are you free?” he asked. “We use this word ‘freedom’ a lot. What does it mean? Do you feel as though you will suffer no consequences if you were to speak out in an H.R. meeting about a new program designed to make sure there is greater inclusiveness?”

The country has been heading down the path of “cancel culture” for a while now, but since the death of George Floyd in police custody the momentum has been gaining momentum. Protests have led to riots, stores being burned to the ground and Democrats calling to defund police departments.

We now live in a country where police officers feel obligated to take a knee with protesters, sports announcers lose jobs for saying, “All lives matter,” and Black Lives Matter protesters chant, “White silence is violence.”

Sexton, who penned an op-ed about the threat of a Joe Biden presidency and how Trump supporters need to get back into the fight, said he needs to put his “Paul Revere hat on” and try to rally fellow conservatives who have been disengaging from the current debate and keeping their heads down amid the social upheaval.

“We all live in the constant fear of giving offense to the people who are perpetually offended,” he said.

Sexton said that what is socially acceptable changes by the day and that is where the left’s power lies.

“You are meant to live in perpetual fear of giving offense, of being on the wrong side. They intended for this to be the case. They wanted this to be the case,” he said.

Sexton said that the country refuses to have honest discussions about the real issues with policing and violence in the African-American communities in the country. Instead, it has become a lecture.

“And it’s not enough for you to sit there quietly and say, ‘Oh, I am being respectful of this browbeating that I’m receiving.’ It is, ‘Thank you, sir. Give me another one. Thank you, sir. Tell me more. I’m so sorry. Please punish me for my own woke sins.’”