Democrats Willing to Burn Down the Village in Order to Save it

Democrat leadership is offering no solutions but they're trying their best to score as many political points as possible by capitalizing on racial and cultural divisions in the country in order to achieve power, Buck Sexton, the host of “The Buck Sexton Show” said Monday.

Sexton said that Democrats aren’t even trying to pretend about working to bring the country together. They know that when you have a weak candidate (Joe Biden) the best way to achieve victory is by dividing and conquering.

“They’re not trying to fix all of these problems,” Sexton said, after pointing to the COVID-19 epidemic, economic uncertainty and racial tensions. “They’re proposing things that are even more divisive. They want further lockdowns; they want more statue toppling; they want less police, more ‘defund police’ and greater leeway for criminals on the streets.”

Sexton said that the country is undergoing something of a cultural and political revolution, and we’re beginning to see old tactics emerge. Take the “cop-free” zone in Seattle called CHOP, for example. There were three reported shootings last weekend, one fatality. Seattle firefighters, who responded to the call, waited outside along the area’s perimeter and the shooting victims were transported to hospitals by the CHOP’s own medic service.

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Sexton said that there is a “combustible” mix in the country between these protesters and Americans who are out of work due to the coronavirus lockdown. Americans, to an extent, are growing desperate. They’re mortgages have been put on hold and even if their businesses are allowed to reopen, they can only operate at half capacity in most cases.

George Floyd protesters have been given tremendous leeway from city officials and police. There has been looting, arson and entire police stations taken over during some of the unrest. So far, the best response Democrats have been able to muster is to acquiesce to calls to defund or disband police departments.

The U.S. was doing well before the coronavirus. Household incomes were up, the economy was strong, Trump survived a bogus impeachment trial. But now “Democrats are willing to burn down the village in order to save it. And that’s what they’re doing right now,” Sexton said.

“What do they really want?” Sexton asked. “Who are we going to replace with all these statues? We’re just going to have Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama and Bill Clinton statues? Bill Clinton might be a bit too much…But who’s going to be acceptable to celebrate in the public sphere when they’re done?”