How Far Will Woke Protesters Go?

Buck Sexton, the host of “TheBuck Sexton Show,” pointed out an interesting interaction during the violent protest in Washington, D.C., on Monday that started before anarchists tried their best to topple the bronze statue of Andrew Jackson in Lafayette Square Park, near the White House.

Sexton spotted the video of a white guy—with a man bun—screaming in the face of a black police officer to essentially tell him that his family should be ashamed of him. The scene was stunning for how out of touch the protester was and how lost he appeared to be in his own self-righteousness. 

“And that’s really what the left has turned into now,” Sexton said. “The left is so woke, you see, they’re so saturated with their own self-righteousness that now you have white liberals who think that Black Lives Matter is something that allows them to explain to black people with curse words and threats.”

He said the white liberal rage is so deranged that they believe it is within their authority to speak down to a black law enforcement officer.


The protest in D.C. is just the latest aggression by the woke mob that seems as though it will not stop until the country’s entire history is whitewashed. These agitators have come for the movies, the statues (including Jesus) and even the names of states and universities that have links to slavery.

Sexton said that these protesters are using these targets as weapons against President Trump. They were unable to remove him from office despite an impeachment trial and Russia investigation, and now they want to destroy the country’s institutions.

He said these Joe Biden - supporting anarchists are “willing to change our perception of what America really is and what it’s all about.”

“If these people get their way, if the Democrats really take this to its logical ends, we’re going to have to rename states; we’re going to have to rename cities; we’re going to have to change our money; we’re going to have to change the names of universities; it’s never going to stop.”

Sexton said Trump made the right move when he announced that any anarchist who vandalizes a federal statue could face 10 years in prison under U.S. law. Sexton said that vandals should also be hit with the bill to repair any damage inflicted on the targeted statues.

“That’s going to be quite a big bill that you should get sent to you home,” he said.