Left Exploits Country’s Lockdown Mental Health State

The risk of a prolonged coronavirus lockdown and its effect on the country’s overall mental health has been a topic that has been discussed, but largely on the periphery.

But after weeks of violent protests, assaults on statues and acancelculture at an all-time high, it is becoming apparent that the country is vulnerable to the left's 'tear it down' message, Buck Sexton, the host of “The Buck Sexton Show” said Thursday.

Of course, there are protesters who are genuinely seeking major police reforms due to what they see as systemic racism in law enforcement. But Sexton said that much of the unrest is ldue to the fact that the country is “psychologically damaged by these lockdowns and people are exploiting it.”

Jobless claims in the U.S. reached 1.48 million last week, which was higher than Wall Street estimates, CNBC reported. It was also reported that 4.3 million Americans missed their mortgage payments last month. Teenagers have been home from school for months, 19 million Americans are still on unemployment and health officials continue to warn about to possibility of a second wave of virus infections.

“Children and adolescents are probably more likely to experience high rates of depression and probably anxiety during and after enforced isolation,” psychologists at the University of Bath wrote in a recent study. “This may increase as enforced isolation continues.”

Sexton said the inherent mental health issues from being locked down—combined with the left’s embrace of the social unrest—is inspiring “a lot of rage and anger against [President] Trump, which is also being just mixed into this stew of anger and division and despair and outrage and demands for power.”

Sexton said the left is intent on using the moment to achieve political gains. A few months ago, they were essentially out of options when it came to Trump. For a few weeks—after the bogus impeachment trial—it was Trump who was on the move. The economy was thriving, a targeted strike in Iran killed a terror mastermind and it was now the Russia investigation itself that was under investigation.

Democrats are not offering any sincere plans to improve the racial divide in the country, Sexton said.

“This is their opening to tear the country, to tear the country down and blame Trump for it and then have the rise of the Democrat Party going forward,” Sexton said. He said the left is not interested in making the country better, it is just to obtain power and keep it and the one man who stands in their way is Trump.