Joe Biden is a Trojan Horse

Joe Biden evokes as much passion in the Democrat Party as former House Speaker John Boehner does for Republicans.

Biden has spent nearly a lifetime in politics, pretends that he’s the adult in the room and squeezes every ounce of juice out of his close friendship with Barack Obama—who conspicuously did not endorse him in the primaries.

But the voting public should make no mistake, a vote for Biden is a vote for the AOC fringe of the Democrat Party. He is not the “middle-of-the-road” Democrat who will bring sanity back to Washington, D.C. He is going to select a radical running mate and once elected do “whatever the activist left—that even the Democrats are terrified of” tell him to do, Buck Sexton, the host of “The Buck Sexton Show” said Friday.

Sexton said that he is fully “going to the mat” for Trump in 2020 because the alternative would be a liberal disaster for the country. This is their moment. The Democrats and their allies in the media have been working since 2016 to damage President Trump and remove him from office. But they failed at every turn. Even the biggest Trump haters admitted shortly after the bogus impeachment trial that they had to wait until 2020 to remove Trump from office with a vote. (What a noble concept!)

Sexton said that Biden is, in a way, an attractive candidate for liberal Democrats because he has no “core beliefs.”

And Trump appears to be losing steam. Sexton asked what happened to the Trump with the “fire in his belly.” His base is waiting for him to fully take command of the COVID-19 outbreak and violent protests across the country. That person they voted for in 2016 is still in there, but he needs to get his fire back and save this country from the anarchists' grip.

The Black Lives Matter wing of the Democrat Party—which will control Biden—is on the move. Sexon said they currently control about 95 percent of the media and forced corporate America to bow at their altar of justice. Sexton said that the decision by these companies—that largely would like to stay out of these social issues—are made due to the fear of boycotts and violence, which is understandable.

“Trump has a pitch coming right down the middle with this,” Sexton said. “But so far he’s missed the last two pitches. We’re getting close to strike three here. Now, I know…I know he can put this in the upper deck. I know he did it before. He’s done it many times. But it’s incumbent upon all of us to rally in whatever way we can to understand this moment in our history and to push with every once of our being toward the restoration of law and order.”