Democrats-Who Can't Control Own Cities-Try to Take Lead in Reforming Police

Ninety-five percent of the most dangerous cities in the U.S. are run by Democrats.

Since the outbreak of the violent protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death in police custody, the cities most affected by the anarchy included Chicago, Minneapolis, New York, Los Angeles and Seattle. And yet it is Democrats who are trying their best to act like they're the ones best suited to decide just how much of a haircut police departments need to take in order to appease the angry Defund/Disband protesters.

“So if Democrats have all these great ideas to fix policing and make us all safer, why aren’t they just doing them?” Buck Sexton, the host of “The Buck Sexton Show” asked.

Sexton blamed Democrat policies outside of law enforcement for playing a major role in crime rates. He said the Democrat approach to public education, the welfare state and “the complete lack of any focus on the family and keeping families intact” play an enormous role in crime.

One of the top criticisms for the Black Lives Matter movement across the country is how these protesters overlook black-on-black killing in major cities like Chicago. Last weekend alone, 16 people were fatally shot—including a 1-year-old on his way home with his mother from a laundromat.

Chicago Police Supt. David Brown blamed “open-air drug markets” for the persistent killings across the city. He said drug dealers hire young kids with essentially no criminal history to go on the corner and sell drugs, who then turn the money over to the “evil bastards” who sent them.

"These masterminds are not on the corner, they got these young people who are hand to mouth," Brown said, according to NBC Chicago. "They are there because there's no opportunity in their neighborhood. They are there because of the failures in many other social services - opportunities are just not available to them. That's why they're there, to feed their families."

The protests that broken out across the country have also highlighted the Democrat approach to anarchists. Protesters inside Seattle’s CHOP, for example, have armed security and have reportedly kept actual residents out of the neighborhood in the nighttime hours. The city’s Democrat mayor and police chief have been widely criticized for failing to regain control of the area and even the nearby precinct.

Sexton asked, “If they’re [Democrats] so good at fixing things and making people safer and making things better, why aren’t they just doing it then? They don’t need Republicans. They’ve got control. Oh, because they’re full of it.”