Democrats Are Terrified of a ‘Happy’ America Before November

House And Senate Democrats Unveil Policing Reform And Equal Justice Legislation

House And Senate Democrats Unveil Policing Reform And Equal Justice Legislation

Buck Sexton, the host of “The Buck Sexton Show,” said Thursday that the Democrat Party is terrified that the country is going to begin to reemerge from these recent months of malaise and watch their hopes in 2020 topple like an Abraham Lincoln statue at a Black Lives Matter protest.

“They’re terrified,” Sexton said. “Because that whole plan here is that Joe Biden represents for them a return to normal.”

Sexton continued, “Never mind that the radical left will be calling the shots for Biden like he’s some little puppet. Like some little marionette—you know—pulling the strings on Biden all the time.”

The panic would likely be palpable at the Democratic National Committee if it is late September and small businesses reopen and Americans begin to get up to date with their mortgage payments. Then the election would have to focus on Biden’s unremarkable 40-year career as a machine Democrat, Sexton said.

“This is a pivot point, what we’re going through right now,” he said, pointing to recent coronavirus numbers from states like Texas that have shown a troubling trend higher. He said he is for states possibly limiting crowd sizes, but the idea that we could be at the start of another lockdown is unacceptable.

Sexton said that the coronavirus does pose a risk, but it does not raise to the level of requiring economy-crushing lockdowns.

“We have done this experiment. But the Democrats—the libs—they want to forget what the results were. They think that we will forget that they chased people for jogging alone on a beach, in the open air, in the sunshine—they would deploy cops to stop that—while also not having any problem whatsoever with thousands and thousands of people together, close proximity, screaming, yelling” at protests in the name of wholeness.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio compared the city’s tough stance on church services and the warm embrace of protesters and said in an interview that the protests were a national phenomenon that was not something that the government could just say “go away.”

Sexton called de Blasio a “slimy liar.” He said if the mayor is to be believed that it was the religious leaders who called on church services to be suspended, there were a number of stories about family members unable to attend funerals and children being locked out of city parks.

“You’ve had a family member who died from covid? Sorry, no funeral for you,” Sexton said.