Joe Biden is a Political Coward

Buck Sexton, the host of “The Buck Sexton Show” issued a warning on Thursday and said a vote for Joe Biden in 2020 is essentially a vote for the left fringe of the Democratic Party because the former vice president has never-- in his lifetime in politics-- done anything to ruffle the feathers of party leaders.

And Biden has never been a leader in the party. 

He is, at his very best, a foot soldier to the party’s true leadership like Hillary Clinton and his former boss Barack Obama. 

Biden can speak slowly and knows how to campaign (he spent a lifetime doing it) but he is obviously more comfortable playing the role of Lou Costello than Bud Abbott.

Kanye West may have said it best inTHATForbes interview when he called Obama, Bill Clinton and President Trump “special.” Biden, he said, is not special. It is a simple critique, but is there is more profound insult in politics?

“Joe Biden is a political coward,” Sexton said. “Always has been. This guy’s never taken a stand that was politically unpopular for his own purposes once in his life.”

Sexton said Biden’s support on key issues hinged on what was going to be the most likely topic to help him raise money for his next run for Senate.

“He wasn’t a leader on an issue that then became popular for his own side,” Sexton said. “No, he is the quintessential machine politician for the Democrat Party. That’s what we’re actually looking at. That’s what we’re dealing with.”

Sexton has referred to Biden as something of a Trojan horse. If he gets elected, it will not be the Democrat moderates (if there are any) that he appeals to, it will be Reps. Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who will be secretly running the country.

Sexton said the best thing Biden has going for him in 2020 is this false assumption by many voters that he would somehow steady the ship in Washington, D.C. 

Biden looks presidential; he talks like a politician; he's familiar. But Sexton warned that the only thing that would be stabilized under a Biden presidency is the AOC agenda.

“He’ll do what they tell him to do,” Sexton said. The legislation that appears before him, especially when Democrats have both houses of Congress. The legislation will come from left-wing activist groups and Biden will sign anything put in front of him.”