How Different Would Country Look With No Republican Party?

Buck Sexton, the host of “The Buck Sexton Show" on Tuesday imagined how the country would look if today’s Republican Party leadership did not exist.

“Where is the Republican Party?” Sexton asked. “How much different would the country really be right now if Republicans didn’t exist? It’s worth asking the question.”

Sexton made it clear that he was referring to the party, not Republican voters. He said, at this point, it seems as though Republicans are “just showing up, voting present.”

Sexton has been vocal in his criticism of the party and recently said it appears that the party itself has been “neutered” and afraid to take a stand against the violent Black Lives Matter protests across the country.

The result of staying out of the fray is that Democrats can take control of the narrative. It has been President Trump taking on the Democrat Party by himself, and when he looks behind him for support, he sees a party taking political cover out of fear of being called a racist.

This has opened up the floor to Democrats like Susan Rice, a potential running mate for Joe Biden, to grab hold of the podium in recent weeks. Hillary Clinton, another blast from the past, also chimed in about Trump’s leadership shortcomings.

“So you’re going to have people like Susan Rice just repeating the most mindless talking points, but if you hear it enough—maybe for you and me it doesn’t have any effect—but a lot of people who are frustrated, who are scared—who don’t know what the future holds given what the country’s going through right now—they hear enough of this and think, ‘Maybe we just need something else. How bad can Joe Biden be? The guy’s been in politics longer than I’ve been alive, how bad could this really be?’”

Rice laid out what Trump should be doing to fight the virus, but Sexton said her calls for more testing and to listen to the science ring hallow. Testing has been increased across the country and virus cases are surging in states with tough COVID-19 guidelines that were already in place.

Sexton said her game plan was meaningless. Sexton said Democrats act as though testing is a vaccination.

“If we double the testing, what does that mean?” Sexton asked. “That we’ll have more tests done. They have no real answers on this.”