St. Louis Couple an Example of What Happens if You Stand up to BLM

The St. Louis couple that was forced to hand over their guns on Friday while a search warrant was executed is an example of how Democrat leadership will crackdown on anyone who stands up to Black Lives Matter Protesters, Buck Sexton, the host of The Buck Sexton Show” said Monday.

Sexton said the violent protesters—who in this case allegedly threatened to kill the homeowners last month—will always be treated better than the law-abiding citizens who refused to just sit there and cower in fear.

“The state is now on their [the BLM protesters] side,” Sexton said. “This is going to tear the country apart if we have a terrible incident.”

Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the homeowners, were seen in a video last month confronting protesters that they said were illegally on their property. Images of the two holding guns while addressing the protesters served as fodder to the mainstream media that tried to paint the couple as racists.

Kim Gardner, the circuit attorney, was quick to speak out against the couple and called for an investigation. Authorities eventually took their guns during the investigation.

The public did not sit back idly as the prosecutor's office apparently became an arm of the BLM movement. The McCloskeys were offered free AR-15s by at least 50 different individuals after the guns were taken.

Joel Schwartz, the lawyer representing the couple, told Forbes that a gun store was one of the 50 to offer new weapons for the couple.

“To the couple that had this warrant served, please come by our shop and we will gladly rearm you with a brand new ar15 for (FREE),” Alien Armory Tactical posted on Facebook. “We will gladly assist you with a replacement for you to protect your private property for FREE!”

Sexton said, despite corporate sponsorship, the Black Lives Matter movement has made the country worse at every turn.

“That’s quite a record for a movement that corporate America bends the knee to,” he said. He continued, “That’s why if you have a lawful firearm and stand in front of your home when a mob hast threatened to kill you and your whole family, you will have—as we saw in St. Louis—investigators show up and seize your weapons as a show of, if nothing else, of intimidation.”

Sexton said it is clear that Gardner is sending a message to the public that this is what happens if you stand up to the protests. He said other Democrat-run cities will enact the same measures.