Media Knows that the Return of Law and Order Would be Clear Win for Trump

It’s becoming a dark comedy how the mainstream media is covering the violent protests in cities like Portland and Seattle and does its best to make it seem that the federal troops deployed to these burning liberal hellscapes are the bad guys, Buck Sexton, the host of “The Buck Sexton Show” said Tuesday.

If you were uninformed about the situation on the ground in these cities and didn't listen to the dozens of religious leaders, police union bosses and business owners you may buy into the narrative that the media has been selling: That President Trump released federally appointed masked goons (with no identification!) who are conducting clandestine kidnappings across these cities to stop the protests. (Of course, there are no reports of missing anarchists on their dozens of anonymous Twitter handles.)

It is remarkable to sit back and watch how the liberal media approaches reporting these stories. It is as though reporters wait for one publication to take the lead in the narrative, and then just produce copy that essentially supports the original story. Here's one theme: Federal troops are firing live “munitions’ into the middle of peaceful protesters who call for an end to systemic racism. (The latest news hook is that Portland “moms” are now shielding their babies from the evil federal troops.)

Sexton pointed out that buildings in Portland have been vandalized and set on fire. Seattle only closed down CHOP after deadly shootings became a liability for the city. Sexton has said in the past that Democrats will only act against these protesters when it becomes politically damaging for their own careers, hence the chaos in Portland.

Sexton said these protesters “are destroying millions of dollars worth of property and hopefully they won’t kill anyone tonight." He said, sarcastically, "But, you know, their message is really powerful."

He said the media and Democrats do not want order restored in these cities because it would be a clear victory for President Trump and a devastating loss for liberal Democrats who cannot control their own cities.

“This only ends when the good guys are willing to use all necessary and appropriate force to stop the bad guys,” Sexton said. “Everything else is just noise. Everything else is Democrat talking points or just the open rooting for the criminals because they’re ideologically aligned with the Democrat Party and hurting the Trump campaign and hurting the American perception of how the country is going, rooting for the side against law and order. The Democrats love this lawlessness.”