We’re Witnessing Democrat Blitzkrieg of 2020 in Portland

Democrats and their shock troops are waging their war against the U.S. and our way of life in Portland and the strategic approach that the anarchists are employing rivals domestic terror paramilitary groups in other countries, Buck Sexton, the host of the “The Buck Sexton Show” said on Wednesday.

Don’t expect to see the reality of the situation on MSNBC and CNN, two channels that are propaganda arms for the Democratic National Committee. Those channels are trying to tell you that what you’re witnessing is democracy in action. (And they even brought their mommies!)


Sexton said videos that emerged from the unrest in the city that has caused millions in damage to the city shows these protesters operating with rehearsed tactics and taking military positions, like the Phalanx formation. The formation dates back to ancient Greek literature when warriors would line up and form a wall with their spears while extending long spears.

Sexton, a former CIA analyst, said it is fascinating to watch how the media is focused solely on the police response.

“The mobilization of all these different movements on the street, the rhetoric that has taken hold—not just for community organizers and rabble-rousers of all kinds—but in the corporate boardroom, now the most powerful corporations in the country. Now, this is the organized institutional establishment left embracing a radicalism that we’ve known is there and has been growing for a long time. Now it’s running the show,” Sexton said.

Sexton warned that if Joe Biden is elected president the slide into anarchy will continue to gain pace. He said the Biden campaign is going to continue to push the phony narrative that “good-old Joe” is going to bring peace back to the country with other unifying voices like Susan Rice & Co.

“Biden is just a puppet,” Sexton said. “They’re putting him forward. He is the empty vessel, empty.”

A Biden White House will be run by Rep. Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass., who laid out what is emerging to be the Democrat Party’s official line, “Cancel rent, cancel mortgage, cancel student debt.”

Sexton said that Pressley is showing the mentality of the Democrats. And this isn’t a list to debate. This is a list of demands that Democrats are making now, and if the country does not meet these demands, be prepared for another peaceful CHOP coming to a city near you.

“This is using the threat of force,” Sexton said. “This is coercion. This is destruction. This is vandalism. This is criminality.