Big Tech Companies Loom Large in 2020

Social Media Apps

Social Media Apps

Buck Sexton, the host of “The Buck Sexton Show,” said Wednesday that massive tech companies continue to maintain a stranglehold on ideas and information in the U.S., have contributed to the country’s shift into wokeness and will likely influence the 2020 election.

He pointed out that for years, the general belief was that these companies used technical algorithms in their searchengines that produced unbiased results.

But that claim is becoming increasingly difficult for these companies to make with a straight face after recent reports of allegations of demonetization efforts directed at Zero Hedge and The Federalist. Social media giants have also worked to censor tweets by President Trump and shoot down claims that hydroxychloroquine is an effective coronavirus treatment.

When was the last time a Democrat complained about anything but increased censorship for Trump?

And yet these companies stick to the claim.

“That’s a lie,” Sexton said. “That’s a lie. We know that there are people working at these companies who are able to subjectively put their thumb on the scale for one side, and they do. And it is always for the libs.”

Sexton made the comment after CEOs from Facebook, Amazon, Google and Apple appeared at a congressional hearing. Rep.Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, accused the companies of harboring biases towards conservatives and asked Sundar Pichai, the head of Google and Alphabet Inc., if his company was working to help get Joe Biden elected. Pichai said, “We support both campaigns.”


Google has been accused by conservative news sites of all but deleting them in search results. Breitbart’s senior tech reporter recently said that the conservative website gets zero traffic from searches that include the name Joe Biden. That could indicate that the search engine is directing users to stories that promote the Democrat, like ones on MSNBC and CNN.

“This is why conservatives get banned. This is why conservatives are always fighting with these platforms. This is why I’ve said we have to build our own platforms, at least as a safe haven from this nonsense. At least as an alternative,” Sexton said.

Sexton said these companies have done a lot of good when it comes to research and convenience, but the liberals in the country want the “playing field tilted towards them.”

Sexton said the country is headed to the most important time in the 2020 election cycle and there are so many ways in which Google and Facebook can alter the country’s perception of Trump and Biden.

“Just the smallest hand on the dial at Google could turn a state blue,” Sexton said.