Fauci Blames Americans’ ‘Anti-Science’ Feelings for COVD-19 Deaths

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top disease doctor in the U.S. who last week tried to dance around a question of whether or not the anti-police protests were a public health risk, said Wednesday that the “degree of anti-science feeling in this country” has been a setback in its response to the coronavirus outbreak.

“I wouldn't have imagined in my wildest dreams that people who object to things that are pure public health principles are so set against it and don’t like what you and I say, namely in the word of science, that they actually threaten you,” he told CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta. “I mean, that to me is just strange.”

Buck Sexton, the host of “The Buck Sexton Show,” said the tradition in the country to question authority dates back to its founding. Sexton said there is a reason that the country has systems of checks and balances, despite Fauci and Democrat leaders to want Americans to say, “Oh, yeah. Let’s just let these people make all these decisions.”

Sexton said that the health guidelines have been, at best, inconsistent and at worst political. He pointed to how Democrats continue to encourage violent protesters who are only wearing masks to conceal their identity while sending police to churches and bars for opening their doors.

Sexton pointed to the testimony that Fauci gave last week on Capitol Hill and engaged in a viral exchange with Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio. Jordan asked if attending a protest increases the risk of virus transmission. Fauci tried to get around the question but relented, “I can tell you that crowds are known, particularly when you don’t have a mask, to increase the acquisition and transmission, no matter what the crowd is.”

He was pressed on whether the government should crackdown on these protests, the same way it cracked down on churches. Fauci said he is not in a position “to determine what the government can do in a forceful way.”

Tucker Carlson, the Fox News host, blasted Fauci’s remarks at the time and said, “Fauci is 79, but maybe if he had, like, 22-year-old kids who were trying to make their way in this world in an economy that is headed down the tubes, thanks largely to his recommendations, he would feel differently.”

Sexton said Fauci and Democrats do their best not to directly answer these types of questions.

“My friends, they’re doing everything they can to just steal this election,” Sexton said. “Seize power from Trump and run this country into the ground.”