How Far is Life in the U.S. Different from China?



Buck Sexton, the host of The Buck Sexton Show,” on Thursday compared life in the U.S. to life in China during the coronavirus pandemic and found some troubling similarities, particularly in regards to life in Democrat-controlled cities.

He said these leaders in these U.S. cities are similar to the Communist Party of China in that they take away your freedoms on a whim and he said there is hardly a whimper from the vast majority of Americans.

Sexton pointed to how tech giants in Silicon Valley control our speech online and how cities are now cracking down on social gatherings inside private homes.

“We have to wear a face diaper all the time because that going to save us all,” he said. “We got all these rules and regulations and there are no laws that are being passed for any of this.”

The Democrat leaders in cities like New York and Los Angeles seem to be inching to coronavirus lockdown 2.0, and just in time for the presidential election coming up this fall, he said.

Sexton has been vocal in his criticism of the first round of lockdowns. He said the science did not support the move and the economy would be devastated. But he has warned that Democrats know that if the economy is showing signs of life by November and the economy is rolling again, Joe Biden will not be elected president.

So why would these cities work to reopen if it means that President Trump would benefit?

They would not.

“Democrat leftists, they will dictate every aspect of your life, no matter how counterproductive, painful, absurd,” Sexton said. “And they think that that’s their role. They’ve no problem with it. They’ll continue to do that.”

Sexton pointed out how Mayor Eric Garcetti, the Los Angeles Democrat, recently threatened to kill electricity and the water supply to private homes having “large parties.” He said these parties are unsafe and can cost city residents their lives.

Sexton said Garcetti is essentially weaponizing city services. Sexton said even though it might not be a smart decision to throw a house party at the moment, it is troubling that the government can tell you that you cannot see your fellow human beings, even on your own property.

“Freedom of assembly, my friends,” Sexton said. “We have rights. We actually have things that are ours that the government is, by charter, by constitution, by contract, not supposed to be able to just take away.”