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Gen-Z Women MAGA Movement with Ashton Munholland

Latest Podcast:

Buck Sexton is joined by #AshtonMunholland, the president of the Palm Beach Young Republicans. Ashton shares her insights on a range of hot topics, from the impact of #Trump’s recent conviction on the younger female vote to the GOP’s struggle and strategy to attract young women voters.

In this candid conversation, Ashton sheds light on:

The perceived shift in young women’s support towards Trump despite his legal battles.
The historical challenges the GOP faces in resonating with young women.
The contrasting approaches of GOP and Democratic campaigns in engaging with voters.
The potential of prominent female figures like Laura Trump to reshape the GOP’s image and appeal.
The social and cultural dynamics influencing young women’s political views, including the role of social media and influencers.
The dating scene for young conservative women and the unrealistic expectations set by social media.
The broader cultural messaging towards women and the balance between career aspirations and traditional roles.
Ashton brings a unique perspective, blending political analysis with personal experiences, offering a fresh take on how the GOP can better connect with young female voters and how societal expectations shape modern relationships.

Don’t miss out on this engaging discussion that delves into the intersection of politics, culture, and personal values.


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