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Why didn’t we pop the Chinese balloon sooner?

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Jesse Watters: Buck Sexton is a former CIA analyst and co-host of the Clay Travis and Buck Sexton show. So did they need the entire breadth of the United States to spy on this balloon? Couldn’t maybe they have just spied on it in Alaska and Montana and then shot it down Buck.

Buck Sexton: The Biden administration’s lies don’t even make sense, and they can’t keep track of them at this point. But they keep shifting the narrative, because I remember when this story broke, Jesse, people were saying, hey, maybe they should just shoot it down. And initially the Democrat spokespersons out there were all saying, Oh, no, we can’t do that. That would be an act of international aggression. And they never realized that’s insane. And a few days later, Biden actually shoots the thing down. And now they’re trying to tell us this was happening all the time during the Trump administration, multiple times during the Trump administration. There is no person that knows anything about Donald Trump that has any doubt that if there was a Chinese spy balloon that was actually in U.S. airspace for any length of time, he would have ordered it to be shot down. So, again, they’re making stuff up as they go along. They can’t even keep track of it. None of it really makes sense when you add it together. But you raise something that’s really important, which is why wouldn’t China just keep doing this? What are the consequences? The costs are a delayed dinner with Anthony Blinken. What are we going to do, either diplomatically or, more importantly, on trade and on our economic front? So the Chinese realize that this is something that will have some cost. Right now, it has no cost so much so that they will slam the phone down effectively on our secretary of defense. Be like, we don’t need to talk to you. We’re just going to keep flying balloons in Biden’s airspace and laughing at the inept response of his White House.

Jesse Watters: We have guys in scuba gear off the coast of South Carolina looking for balloon debris. We could have brought it down on dry land, Buck. I know what we’re doing at the bottom of the ocean. It makes no sense to me. And it makes no sense to the American people.

Buck Sexton: One of the craziest one of the craziest things officers are saying that they up the surveillance capabilities and that’s why they Biden should get an award because we found this balloon in the first place. People could see it. People were actually able to see with the naked eye at some points. So I think the whole thing is preposterous. But we do have to take very seriously that China realizes kind of like how, you know, Russia invaded Ukraine while Biden’s president China realizes that if they want to get aggressive, now’s the time.

Jesse Watters: Yeah, I mean, they’re coming across the southern border. They’re sending it into our airspace. Russia’s hacking, our pipelines. Remember the gas lines? Oh, my God. It’s unbelievable. All right, maybe I’ll address the pop tonight. Buck Sexton, Thank you so much.

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